ESNS20 will provide visibility to four emerging Hungarian talents in their natural habitat: live on stage. They are brought to you by HOTS – Hungarian Oncoming Tunes, the Hungarian music export office with a pro-active aim to promote fresh and emerging Hungarian music on an international level. Transylvania folk, ode of the double kick drumming and rock from psychedelic to indie awaits you in Groningen.


Two of the current Hungarian performers already wrote history with ESNS20: to start at the beginning, Harmed is the first-ever Hungarian nominee at Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. When formed in early 2017 in Budapest, the motivation for the members of Harmed was elevating a hard, dark and captivating musical style to a whole new level. Their purpose is to introduce to a wide audience one part realist, and one part subjective, often exorbitant lyrical narrative, with a devastating and elemental musicality, and with their first EP ‘From Day One’, they already played in 18 countries, supported acts as Meshuggah or Whitechapel, and the majority of their singles made it to official rock/metal playlists of Spotify or Deezer, while the EP debuted at #9 on iTunes UK, #72 on iTunes US and #1 on iTunes HU.

It’s also important to mention that The Devil’s Trade will be the first act to play not less than three shows during ESNS. Dávid Makó, the Hungarian singer-songwriter known as The Devil’s Trade, released second album What Happened to the Little Blind Crow in 2018. From traditional and heartbreaking Transylvanian folk, blues and dark folk, through Makó’s roots as a doom/stoner singer to the spirit of the Appalachians, this full-length recording is the manifestation of an artist ever growing, evolving and adapting. Previously he toured with the likes of Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Crippled Black Phoenix, Oceans of Slumber or Nathan Gray of Boysetsfire, and his Spring tour with Darkher and Forndom has been already announced for 2020.

If you already heard the name of The Qualitons, it might be possible thanks to their latest KEXP session. As they were the first-ever Hungarian act to play in the legendary radio station’s studio in Seattle, that performance gave them an opportunity to play at Mondo.NYC, Waves Vienna and MENT after their performance at SXSW as well. As Gigwise says, “The Qualitons rejuvenate beat era psychedelia so furiously that The Red Hot Chili Peppers once begged them not to split up (long story). Their catchy, energetic mod-beat inspired sounds built with rich vocal harmonies and funky guitar grooves will leave a huge impact on the audience of Huize Maas without any doubt.

And if you plan to visit ESNS, you can’t miss the show of The Bluebay Foxes: their various drum patterns combined with significant reverb-drenched guitar riffs and catchy basslines guide you to hear how British beat music and American southern rock influenced these youngsters while they also use their Eastern-European heritage in their songs. They won the live TV-contest of Nagy-Szín-Pad (it means main stage), and already supported Kensington previously, so the band is ready for an international expansion, and they’ll do their best for a memorable show.

If you’re interested about Hungarian acts, check our timeline as it follows:
The Devil’s Trade | 20:45 | All Round Poolcentrum
The Qualitons | 23:00 | Huize Maas (front)

The Devil’s Trade |  16th of January | 21:30 | Lola

The Devil’s Trade  | 17:00 | CEEntral Party
The Bluebay Foxes (Nagyszínpad winner) | 20:00 | Vrijdag Main
HARMED (MMETA nominee) | 22:15 | Mutua Fides

HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes), the Hungarian music export office is amplified by MANK – Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft., in cooperation with MTVA & Embassy of Hungary in the Netherlands. HOTS is a proud member of the EMEE network.

Picture: Harmed, the first-ever Hungarian Music Moves Europe Talent Awards nominee.