The Creative Artist Guide to ESNS 2021 by Conservatorium Haarlem

[Advertorial] While you may not be able to immerse yourself physically in Groningen’s pop and electronic music scene this year, we hope you still choose to lose yourself in the ESNS experience via the extensive digital conference and festival programme. With help from our partner Conservatorium Haarlem, we have compiled a list of some of the best sessions featuring Creative Artists, that is to say artists focused on more than one genre and form of creative output.

Photo: Ben Houdijk

Are you an aspiring musician, and consider yourself to be both full-on inspired and talented, but equally in need of more guidance in order to take your career to the next level? Sign up to audition for Conservatorium Haarlem’s Creative Artist programme by February 28th 2021 for the chance to join a select group of multi-talented young artists. Starting in September, it’s an ideal solution if your own material is central to your career, and you want to learn how to develop, implement and sell your original concepts. Students will have access not only to Conservatorium Haarlem’s high-end facilities, but also to the world-class studios operated by our colleagues and associates.

And now, without further ado, these are Conservatorium Haarlem’s top Creative Artist picks for the week:

Opening day/night features interesting conceptual performances, such as multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer David Numwami and Sign Libra, music created with exploration of the nature and its auspicious influence on human’s imagination and emotional balance alongside Dutch house gone beat gone pop music act Meetsysteem and the always veiled M¥SS KETA.

The Thursday programme is packed with creativity and plays host to amongst others ‘style swapper’ and Youtuber Blanks, ‘surreal zookeeper’ Yotto, multi-hyphenate talent Lava La Rue, enfant terrible of French classical music Sofiane Pamart and Eefje de Visser’s audiovisual show.

On Friday, make sure to pay an online visit to French producer, instrumentalist and DJ Neue Grafik and his Neue Grafik Ensemble quartet, Eritrean-born and Amsterdam-based singer RIMON and alternative pop duo Jockstrap.

Saturday is traditionally packed with Dutch talent. With multiple options to choose from we specifically look forward to actors / singers Abbey and Bilal Wahib, the Levenslied performance by Sophie Straat and (DJ) Elias Mazian’s synthpop.

About Conservatorium Haarlem
Conservatorium Haarlem is a relatively small school of music specialising in pop and electronic music. The academy was founded in the 1970s in the vibrant Dutch city of Haarlem, which lies to the east of Amsterdam and is renowned for its rich and varied cultural scene. Since 2010, Conservatorium Haarlem has been located within the modern campus of Inholland University of Applied Science. It was one of the first conservatories in the Netherlands to introduce academic courses in pop music, and remains the first and only institute to offer a specific educational programme for electronic music.
In addition to the new Creative Artist programme, Conservatorium Haarlem currently offers two other educational initiatives: Pop and E-Music. Head over to for more information.