Black Midi
Black Midi
Wed 16 Jan | Vera | 23:45 - 00:30 | Eurosonic

Black Midi Great Britain

After a mere 12 months of existence, and with only one single out, Black Midi have already generated a huge amount of hype. Live shows by the Londoners have become a revered and highly sought after spectacle, while the band remains mysterious with very little social media output. Their updated take on math rock and post-punk is instantly mesmerising, unpredictable and complex, yet it remains dark and raw.

ROCK post-punk


Performances on ESNS

Festivals (10)

BAD BONN KILBI FESTIVAL.jpg Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival
BY:LARM.jpg By:Larm
esns-festival.jpg Eurosonic
HALDERN POP.jpg Haldern Pop
IMMERGUT FESTIVAL.jpg Immergut Festival
LOWLANDS.jpg Lowlands
MAD COOL FESTIVAL.jpg Mad Cool Festival
OFF FESTIVAL KATOWICE.jpg Off Festival Katowice
ØYAFESTIVALEN.jpg Øyafestivalen
ROSKILDE FESTIVAL.jpg Roskilde Festival


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