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Wed 19 Jan | ESNS 03 | 21:50 - 22:00
Wed 19 Jan | ESNS 03 | 21:50 - 22:00 | Eurosonic

Giudi Czech Republic


Art Pop artist Giudi combines uplifting dark melancholic songs with a futurist live and electronic soundtrack. Working with some of the coolest names in fashion and multimedia worldwide. After releasing her debut EP Reborn to Be, and winning the Silver Award for new artist at the 2018 Czech Music Awards. Giudi's singles have made the playlists of radio stations in over 60 countries on 6 continents. The concept of her latest single "Jezinky", she used the mythical woods-dwelling creatures from Czech folklore - as a metaphor to the fears inside all of us - and to everyone's surpise it made an appearance in the Czech Eurovision Finals winning huge support. For her performance at the online edition of ESNS 2022, Giudi works with a psychosomatic approach creating an interesting dialogue that expands her artistry.


De Tsjechische zangeres Giudi mengt muziek met mode en kunst, samenwerkend met muzikanten uit de werelden van glitch tot klassiek. Haar alt-pop combineert opwekkende, soms duister-melancholische nummers met een futuristische live en elektronische soundtrack, met haar onderscheidende vocalen die zowel beklemmend als melodisch zijn, en warme, reflectieve teksten. Ze werkt nu bij het Londense management/label Minimal Surface aan haar debuutalbum, dat Giudi in 2022 wil uitbrengen.

POP alternative pop


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