The Canyon Observer
The Canyon Observer
Thu 17 Jan | Machinefabriek | 21:05 - 21:45
Thu 17 Jan | Machinefabriek | 21:05 - 21:45 | Eurosonic

The Canyon Observer Slovenia

The Canyon Observer speaks in power, a language everyone understands and appreciates, even if they don't want to admit it at first. The experimental sound of the group from Ljubljana, Slovenia, intertwines delicate and atmospheric passages with a ferocious, in-your-face combo of black metal, noise, post-metal, doom and sludge. When coupled with impenetrable fog and disorienting strobe lights at a live show, you’re in for a heavy and menacing journey. A visceral journey, no furry kitten can mitigate.

ROCK sludge

LOUD loud



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