ESNS presents Green Touring Support

That is why we are starting ESNS Green Touring Support this year. We invite ESNS Acts to share with us their concrete plans for sustainability in the field of transport on their own tours. Acts can request the difference between the regular tour costs and the green tour costs from ESNS, up to a maximum […]

Get to know ESNS technology partner Catchphrase

After worked with dutch soccer organization KNVB they are expanding their market to the event sector and we’re here to help them do that. This year we do a testrun during the recordings in de Oosterpoort for ESNS 2022. Would you like to know more?  Have a chat with the team of Catchphrase at their […]

Soundcharts: Official data provider for ESNS Radar and ESNS Analytics

ESNS teamed up with SoundCharts as a data partner for this project. SoundChart’s extensive database provides an extensive catalogue of artists tracked on different online platforms; from airplay to playlisting on DSP’s, to social media followers or TikTok views. The data that is being used for the ESNS Radar and Analytics, is only a fraction […]

Get into the spirit with Hooghoudt cocktails

Wednesday: Zero 2 tonic Zero Zero 24. 0% alcohol, 100% flavour. Juniper berry, lavender, a dash of elderflower. A superior bouquet that opens up completely in combination with a sparkling partner such as tonic. The bitters take care of the perfect balance, where the sours of the grapefruit give it an extra bite. Flowery. Spicy. […]

What are this year’s Must SEEs at ESNS?

Wednesday January 19th 13:00 – 14:00 | Conference Channel 4 | Festival Season 2022 What’s in store for the highly anticipated 2022 festival? How big will it get and what are the problems yet to be solved by the industry in these troubled times? You shouldn’t miss this one. 16:00 – 17:00 | Conference Channel […]

Gronings talent op Grunnsonic 2022

Als een gezamenlijk initiatief tussen ESNS en POPgroningen is Grunnsonic dé kans voor Gronings talent om zich te profileren. De geselecteerde Groningse acts timmeren stuk voor stuk hard aan de weg. Zo zijn Fred Goverde en Steeby geselecteerd voor het Hit the North traject van aankomend jaar en zijn DOR, Rommy Gabay, Waterleaf en Alexander Moto […]

Hit the North presenteert selectie muzikale acts voor 2022

Showcasefestival ESNS presenteert op dinsdag 18 januari vanuit De Oosterpoort in Groningen de tweede digitale editie van Popgala Noord. De awardshow, ter ere van de Noordelijke muziekindustrie en popcultuur, wordt uitgezonden in samenwerking met Dagblad van het Noorden.

ETEP presents 2020 results and first 2021 selection

Results 2020 The year 2020 was different than any other year, since we all had to deal with a pandemic that brought the world to a standstill. Because of this, many ETEP festivals were cancelled or postponed. To still succeed in the mission of ETEP, to give emerging acts as much exposure as possible, they […]