ESNS launches Radar and Analytics platforms for music professionals and fans

European showcase festival and music conference ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) introduces ESNS Radar and Analytics, a European charts & festivals insights tool developed with the support of Creative Europe. The charts track and show European artists, with the aim to display the impact of the artists’ music outside of their home country.

Hooghoudt cocktail workshops in de newsroom

Ook genieten van deze cocktails? Haal dan deze spullen in huis: Donderdag 14 januari: Virgin Rickey 60 ml Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 15 ml simple syrup 20 ml lime juice toppen met soda Vrijdag 15 januari: Gentlemen’s Mocktail 60 ml Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 toppen met Three Cents Bergamot & Mandarin Soda slice orange Zaterdag […]