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Anderhalf Jaar Ellende – Lobby en Lessons Learned
Anderhalf Jaar Ellende – Lobby en Lessons Learned
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 12:00 - 13:00
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers

Anderhalf Jaar Ellende – Lobby en Lessons Learned

Jolanda Jansen Ahoy Rotterdam, Ruben Brouwer Mojo Concerts, Berend Schans VNPF, Henk Schuit CTS Eventim Nederland BV

Dutch spoken

Naamloos-1.jpeg In een achtbaan van emoties: alle ups en downs, met wat wel en niet lukte. De vertegenwoordigers van de brancheorganisaties VVEM en VNPF en de grote samenwerkingsclub Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers met de achtergrondverhalen en de verwachtingen naar 2022.


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    Jolanda Jansen Ahoy Rotterdam

    Jolanda is CEO of Rotterdam Ahoy, a venue consisting of an arena, event halls and a convention center. Ahoy acts both as a facilitating venue and as organisor/promoter of different type of events.
    Jolanda has a background in Business Administration at Erasmus University and works since 2004 for Ahoy. Since the start of the pandemic, she is also involved in the ‘Alliance of Event Makers’, an alliance of a number of parties in sports, culture and entertainment, throughout the supply chain to help the event industry during the crisis to go ‘back to normal’ asap.
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    Ruben Brouwer Mojo Concerts

    CEO of MOJO Concerts, member of the board at VVEM and Alliantie of Evenementenbouwers
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    Berend Schans VNPF

    Berend Schans is director of the VNPF, the industry association for pop venues and festivals in the Netherlands. In addition, he is a board member of the Popcoalitie foundation, board member of the Dutcht Event Quality Foundation (SKEN), board member of Platform ACCT, board member of the Federation Culture.
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    Henk Schuit CTS Eventim Nederland BV

    Henk Schuit is chairman of the VVEM (Dutch association of event makers) since July 2021. Next to this he is also chairman of the DLEPA jury (Dutch Live Entertainment Production Awards) and treasurer at the Foundation Weet Waar Je Kopen! (foundation for collective education to the general public on secondary ticketing). Henk has more than twenty years of experience in the ticketing business and is familiar with all aspects of ticketing and is currently Managing Director of Eventim Netherlands.
    Before being appointed at CTS Eventim Netherlands, Henk was employed by the Dutch State Lottery where he, as Manager TicketBox, was responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of all ticketing activities. Before he got involved in ticketing Henk was active in the music business where he was marketing and communication manager at the record label Provogue.
    Henk studied business economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Michigan.


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    Willem Westermann VVEM

    In these busy days Willem is fully involved in the Dutch event industry and the way we work towards solutions, representing the VVEM and the Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers in discussions with the government. In the VVEM Knowledge & Development Centre we help both event industry collegues and local and national government.