Balkan Beat - Market Data on the Ex-Yugoslavia Market
Balkan Beat - Market Data on the Ex-Yugoslavia Market
Thu 16 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 9 (down) | 12:00 - 13:00
Thu 16 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 9 (down) | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: IMPALA

Balkan Beat - Market Data on the Ex-Yugoslavia Market

Kees van Weijen IMPALA, STOMP (NL), Login Kochishki Password Production (MK), Miran Rusjan MENT / Moonlee Records/RUNDA (SI), Bojan Musulin IDJ / RUNDA (RS)

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From all over ex-Yugoslavia, a new breed of music entrepreneurs has risen over recent years, turning these new countries into attractive music markets populated by exciting festivals and highly adaptable record labels.Yet, the challenges encountered in the region might be unexpected and treacherous. What does the day-to-day reality of the music sector in the Balkans look like? Can recently made available market data help us to get a better understanding of the region These are some of the questions key actors from Slovenia, North Macedonia and Serbia will try to answer!


  • Kees van Weijen

    Kees van Weijen IMPALA, STOMP (NL)

    Kees van Weijen has been working in the Entertainment Industry in The Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain since 1974. Throughout his career Kees has worked for Universal Music as Executive Vice President and for Mercury Records, MCA, Polydor and Rough Trade distribution. The Dutch IFPI awarded him with the 'Zilveren Fonograaf' for his outstanding contribution in the music industry in 2011. Kees was elected Chairman of the IMPALA (independent music companies association) board and is now President of IMPALA. He is also board member of WIN and Chairman of (Dutch independent label association) STOMP.

  • Login Kochishki

    Login Kochishki Password Production (MK)

    A friend of mine was called GOD at his workplace.. why? Because everybody knew he existed, but no one ever saw him! Login has been involved in the music business for 22 years as a promoter, manager, agent, bambus drinker, and booker, focused on Eastern Europe, Central Balkans and North Macedonia.

  • Miran Rusjan

    Miran Rusjan MENT / Moonlee Records/RUNDA (SI)

    Miran has been active on the independent music scene in various roles for more than two decades, which gives him broad insight into and understanding of the music habitat. In 2004, he founded Moonlee Records, one of the most important independent record labels in the former Yugoslavia region (Repetitor, Borghesia, Bernays Propaganda, ŽEN, Seine…), which later expanded into Moonlee Booking agency. Since 2015, Miran is the conference manager of MENT Ljubljana. He is also a board member of RUNDA – Regional Association of Independent Discographers Balkans.

  • Bojan Musulin

    Bojan Musulin IDJ / RUNDA (RS)

    Bojan Musulin is the Chief Operating Officer at IDJDigital. He joined IDJVideos and IDJDigital in 2013, working on content distribution projects, IDJDigital’s digital distribution, launching IDJTV. He was also involved in developing the IDJDash user dashboard for clients, plus a number of apps and client-facing websites. Bojan’s specialties are digital platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and content marketing platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Bojan Musulin is a qualified engineer in audio and video technology, and is also involved in numerous music projects.