Boosting New European Talent on Live Music Scenes by 2021
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 6 | 12:00 - 13:00
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 6 | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: Liveurope & LiveDMA

Boosting New European Talent on Live Music Scenes by 2021

Anders Tangen NKA (NO), Frank Kimenai Creative Europe Desk (NL), Dávid Bali A38 (HU), Thomas Azier (NL)

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A good infrastructure in venues and stages where upcoming artists can perform play a crucial role in talent development and a healthy music industry. In an ideal world all venues would work together on the circulation of emerging European acts.

Liveurope proved a solid mechanism to increase the circulation of emerging European artists supported with EU funding. The question for the future now is: how to increase that support for more artists and by including more venues? Especially at a time when the discussions on a dedicated European policy for music are moving forward, it is time think a new artist mobility schemes on large scales. To boost the international careers of emerging European artists by facilitating touring opportunities in iconic venues all over the continent.

What would be necessary to create such an exchange programme for European venues?


  • Anders Tangen

    Anders Tangen NKA (NO)

    Anders Tangen is Project Manager for the Norwegian Live Music Association, an organization for Norwegian venues and festivals. Anders is also co-President for the European network of live music venues and festivals, Live DMA and board member of the festival Sørveiv in Kristiansand. He also works as a coordinator for volunteers and staff at the Öya festival in Oslo.

  • Frank Kimenai

    Frank Kimenai Creative Europe Desk (NL)

    Coming from a long history as punk rock musician, DIY organizer, venue promoter, festival manager, booking agent and artist manager, Frank’s professional practice is currently focussing on both European and regional cultural development. He consults the Dutch cultural and creative sectors about the opportunities for European cultural funding as program manager Culture at the Dutch Creative Europe Desk. Next to that, he is involved as an external expert for the European Commission in the development of the Music Moves Europe funding program. On a regional level, he is the project coordinator for Music Hub Brabant, a bottom-up and innovative talent development program for musicians in the Dutch province of Brabant. Frank has a masters degree in aquatic ecology, therefore he likes to spend the little time off he has near the water, preferably diving or fishing in it. He has been dreaming for years about opening up a restaurant specialised in chili.

  • Dávid Bali

    Dávid Bali A38 (HU)

    Started as a production manager who ended up in talent circulation and increasing international royalty incomes by setting the basic frameworks for HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes), the Hungarian music export office. Thanks to a long association with A38 Ship, a prestigious venue Budapest, and Liveurope, the network that unites 14 European countries with the aim of circulating emerging European talents – including A38 itself –

    HOTS has developed a pro-active strategy with one aim: to encourage the self-awareness of emerging Hungarian songwriters about finding their own voices, and to help them break into various international markets. In the last year, in terms of showcasing, HOTS helped 21 Hungarian acts to present their songs in 27 professional events across 18 countries, while the international royalty income has been increased by 4,5%, in only in 12 months. And these possibilities are all partly due to Liveurope, that facilitates the circulation and the inspiration of new ideas within various sectors of the European music industry by connecting the right people at the right time.

  • Thomas Azier

    Thomas Azier (NL)

    After touring extensively around the release of award winning records Hylas and Rouge, Thomas Azier's new album Stray was written and produced solely by Thomas himself in hotel rooms traveling around the world, plus he is releasing it on his own label Hylas Records. After his major label deal, the Dutch synth pop artist is now fully independent and determined to embark on a journey of steady releases.


  • Audrey Guerre

    Audrey Guerre Live DMA (FR)

    Audrey Guerre is the Coordinator of Live DMA, the European network for music venues and festivals. Her experience in studying, job opportunities and personal beliefs led her to specialise in European cooperation and live music. She now provides Live DMA members with political monitoring, tools and opportunities to meet & exchange best practices. She also represents their interests to European institutions and partners. She is also a board member of Trempolino, a French music venue providing emerging artists support based in Nantes, and is a board member of the European Music Council.

  • Elise Phamgia

    Elise Phamgia Liveurope (FR)

    With a Master’s Degree in European Affairs, Elise has been building her expertise in international and European cultural cooperation projects between Paris, Lyon and Montreal. She is now the project coordinator for Liveurope, the first EU-supported platform bringing together fourteen iconic live music venues on the continent. Launched in 2014, the support for Liveurope has been renewed until 2021.