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Build Back Better: The Future of a Stage - Telling a Story About Sustainability and Interaction
Build Back Better: The Future of a Stage - Telling a Story About Sustainability and Interaction
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 16:00 - 17:00
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 16:00 - 17:00
Presented by: EPIC - GEM STAGE

Build Back Better: The Future of a Stage - Telling a Story About Sustainability and Interaction

Rob van Wegen Double 2, Max Aerts DENS, Brenda Dobrovicsova Rock for People, Floor van Schie Eindhoven University of Technology

English spoken

ESNS EPIC_logo_black.png No more generators for your show? No problem, we've got you! The GEM-Stage is powered by nature. We will take a new look at the role of stages at festivals. It can be more than just a platform. In the case of the GEM-Stage, developed from the earlier presented GEM-Tower, it can help festivals tell their story about sustainability to the visitors and create awareness. By its design - but also by its usage: the stage can be completely powered by wind, sun, light, and hydrogen, making it a fully self-supporting stage.We want to inspire festival organizers, stimulate a sustainable change at festivals, and interact with the audience about this topic. Besides using the stage for live performances, this can be also reached through collaborations with media such as radio. We will show you more about the test case that we have done with StuBru in Ghent, Belgium during the panel.


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    Rob van Wegen Double 2

    As a former festival producer, Rob has a very practical approach with sustainability. After working 15 years in the festival industry he has shifted completely to sustainability. Rob has been working at Innofest for 5 years, testing sustainable innovations at festivals. In the process of the GDCF he created a canvas te help festivals put their ambitions into a realistic plan and create a roadmap for their future. He recently joint the team of the GEM-stage, to help spread the message about sustainable solutions across Europe in the form of a stage, powered by nature.
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    Max Aerts DENS

    Max Aerts is CEO and co-owner of tech company DENS, developer of the technology that overcomes the barriers to storage and transport of hydrogen. DENS is committed to leveraging the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and specializes in Hydrozine solutions.
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    Brenda Dobrovicsova Rock for People

    Brenda is a creative booker for Rock for People – one of the major festivals in the Czech Republic, where she curates festival entertainment and focuses on sustainability. RFP will take place on 15.-18. June 2022 headlining Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Royal Blood, and Biffy Clyro. Besides her position at RFP, she’s also a health and social psychology graduate, focused on behavior change, and now researching the effects of cultural events on mental health in young adults for her Ph.D.
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    Floor van Schie Eindhoven University of Technology

    Floor van Schie graduated in September 2017 with a combined master in Architecture and Structural Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She focused on the integration of these two disciplines. In November 2018, Floor started working as a Professional Doctorate in Engineering, a two-year Post-Master traineeship with dr. ir. S.P.G Moonen at the department of Innovative Structural Design at the TU/e. During these two years, Floor researched the design of the GEM-tower, a sustainable energy solution for festivals. During this research, Floor focused on the architecture of the tower, building technology and methodology. Floor's research is awarded with an Academic Award and 22nd place in the 'ABN AMRO Duurzame 50'. Currently, Floor works as a research and education officer at the TU/e, where she continues developing the GEM-Stage and teaches future generations.


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    Jan Douwe Kroeske Double 2/GEM

    Host tv and radio, producer for GEM Stage. Actually producing tv-series called the Ballroom for Dutch National broadcasting co NTR/NPO2extra. Also hosting Amsterdam Sessions/2 Meter Sessies for US Streaming Channel The Coda Collection. Company name Double 2, based in Hilversum(NL) and San Diego (USA)