Crowd Safety Improvements via Digitalization and EU Market Comparison
Crowd Safety Improvements via Digitalization and EU Market Comparison
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Mid 5 | 13:00 - 14:00
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Mid 5 | 13:00 - 14:00
Presented by: AMENA Smart Displays

Crowd Safety Improvements via Digitalization and EU Market Comparison

Martin Kralovič PS Events (SK), Michael Struber Electric Love GmbH & Co KG (AT), Ville Ketonen Local Crew Security Ltd (FI)

English spoken | Special

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Event digitization is becoming significant topic, influencing many aspects of the event preparation and production including crowd safety. Automated parking system, digital signage, CCTVs, thermo drone monitoring, all of those found the way to the control rooms of today`s festivals. How has the situation change in the past, and further evolving in the different European regions? Three field specialists are invited to discuss crowd safety enhancements further.



The following topics will be covered:

•         How is digitalization changing event safety? Current trends and the future steps

•         Experiencing the digital tools and the value they brought

•         Crowd control communication channels and the options to make your guests feel safe

•         EU market differences

•         Q&A

The panel is powered by AMENA smart displays, innovative Slovak company specialized in digitalization of events to increase safety. AMENA`s core product, the smart displays, are highly flexible and robust solutions for crowd management that are nowadays present at various big festivals and events around Europe like Formula 1, MotoGP or Live Nation`s concerts.


  • Martin Kralovič

    Martin Kralovič PS Events (SK)

    Martin Kralovic is a crowd safety professional from Slovakia. Martin has studied Crowd Safety Management at the Buckinghamshire New University. He is the head of volunteers at Pohoda festival - the biggest music festival in Slovakia. He has been involved in many big events in Slovakia taking responsibility for the safety of tens of thousands of people. He specializes in the crowd safety staff training and running event control rooms in Slovakia.

  • Michael Struber

    Michael Struber Electric Love GmbH & Co KG (AT)

    Michael Struber is working in the event management since 2010. He already worked for the Austrian Olympic Committee, different skiing events in Austria and since 2013 he is part of the Electric Love Festival.

    Since the second edition of Electric Love Festival in 2014 Michael is also involved in the safety part and together with his colleagues they installed a safety department for the festival. Today the Event Control Center (ECC) is well established at their festival with up to 10 experts such as crowd managers, meteorologists, safety managers and technical experts like the crew from Amena.

    With the implementation of the Event Control Center the Electric Love Festival set a new era in Event Safety in Austria.

  • Ville Ketonen

    Ville Ketonen Local Crew Security Ltd (FI)

    Crowd Safety Manager, founder and CEO of Local Crew Security Ltd. He is an entrepreneur for life who has passion to music, fancies medieval times as an hobby and even owns an little pet shop. This “crazy guy with own zoo…” is one of modern day pioneers in event safety and security industry in his home country Finland. His company was established nearly two decades ago and has now a strong impact on event safety&security industry in Finland. Security manager of Live Nation Finland’s concerts and events, Ruisrock Festival, IIHF Worlds (Ice Hockey), LAHTI 201 Nordic ski WC and hundreds more major events through the years are the foundation for the experience that he also likes to share as an busy speaker and lecturer.


  • Juraj Melicher

    Juraj Melicher AMENA Smart Displays (SK)

    Juraj is passionate event enthusiast, music lover, business mind and core part of Amena smart displays. He has been in event business already for 15 years, being former dj, later promoter and organizer of 4 editions of local festival and currently being business development and client relationships manager at Amena. Juraj will be hosting three guest specialists from different European regions and lead them to discuss together upcoming safety trends, digital solutions, safety improvements and share experiences.