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De Uitdagingen voor de Moderne Manager
De Uitdagingen voor de Moderne Manager
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 10:00 - 11:00
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 10:00 - 11:00
Presented by: MMF

De Uitdagingen voor de Moderne Manager

Froukje Bouma MOTEL Artist Management, Lijne Kreupeling Headfirst Music, Marcel Duzink Phonic Management


Dutch spoken

Managers met de nodige ervaring in de muziekindustrie en die met een gevarieerde selectie van artiesten werken, gaan in op de uitdagingen waar iedere moderne muziek- en artiestenmanager zich voor gesteld ziet. Daarbij ligt de focus op drie pijlers, te weten geestelijke gezondheid, financiële duurzaamheid en toekomstige trends. En uiteraard hoe om te gaan met de consequenties van het Coronabeleid op de muzieksector en specifiek de artiesten die ze vertegenwoordigen.


  • Froukje Bouma Persfoto.png

    Froukje Bouma MOTEL Artist Management

    Froukje Bouma is an artist manager and owner of MOTEL Artist Management, an agency focussing on alternative (dutch) pop artists. Currently she represents S10, Froukje, Wende Snijders.
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    Lijne Kreupeling Headfirst Music

    Lijne Kreupeling is the co-owner of Headfirst Music, an independent minded management and consultancy company based in Amsterdam. Lijne has vast experience within the music industry, starting her own venture in 2012 which recently merged with Headfirst Music. Lijne oversees all global marketing- and label activities for; Sevdaliza, FS Green, Full Crate among others.

  • Marcel Duzink

    Marcel Duzink Phonic Management

    Marcel represents Dutch artists like BLANKS, MEAU, THE COOL QUEST


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    Jochem Tromp Soepermarkt Music Management & Publishing

    Jochem Tromp has over 20 years of experience as a music professional. Started out as part-time dj, music lover and event producer back in the early 90's. After working at several record stores he started his professional career at Warner Music Benelux.
    At Warner Music he worked as account and content (product) manager for 6 years. Representing the international labels of Warner like Atlantic US & UK, Warner Brothes US & UK, Fueled By Ramen, Nonesuch and artists like Gnarls Barkley, Justice, James Blunt. In 2009 Jochem moved to Dox Records, a music company based in Amsterdam taking care of records, publishing and bookings. As label manager Jochem worked on multiple records as executive producer (for overview: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jochem-tromp-mn0002829798), travelling the world as Dox representative, with strong focus, and being succesfull, in Japan and Europe.
    In 2010 Soepermarkt Music Management & Publishing was founded. A boutique A&R driven music management agency based in Haarlem, specialized in artist & label management and publishing. A team of forward-thinking managers determined to build and develop talented musicians. Soepermarkt is distinguished by its creative, fresh and contemporary approach and years of experience and extensive international network.
    We aim to provide the right service with a strong focus on long term strategy, bringing management & marketing together in a rapidly changing music market. Clients includes platinum award singer/songwriter Benny Sings, MarnixFJ, LUKA & GOSTO and music company Agents After All.
    Soepermarkt Music Publishing is a joint venture with Pennies From Heaven & The Missing Sync. Since 2020 Jochem is also the host and co-produced of the Dutch Music Export Talks podcast, a podcast about all the ins & outs of the Dutch music industry and it’s work international.