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Diversity in the Backstage
Diversity in the Backstage
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 5 | 10:00 - 11:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 5 | 10:00 - 11:00
Presented by: Omroep Zwart

Diversity in the Backstage

Malle Kaas Women In Live Music, Kobi Ampoma JNL Recruitment, Sakina Saouti Code Diversiteit & Inclusie | LKCA, Freyja Lawson Well Hung PA

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zwart.jpg The backstage of the live music industry remains the domain of a homogeneous group, consisting predominantly out of white male, sometimes making it an inhospitable environment for all others. Diversity seems to be on everybody's wishlist, but recruiters often seem to struggle with getting a more diverse group of solicitors to apply for vacant jobs. So how can we make the backstage more inclusive? For this panel we've invited inspiring people dedicated to diversity within the music industry, as well as HR experts from outside, to see what we can learn from other areas of business.


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    Malle Kaas Women In Live Music

    Malle Kaas has been in and out of the music industry as a sound engineer for more than two decades. In 2017 she co-founded the European organisation, Women In Live Music (WILM), a platform for women and other minorities working backstage as tourmanagers, stagemanagers, production & technique etc. Some of the main topics WILM works with are more diversity backstage, as well as a focus on the career in live music combined with motherhood. Malle is based in Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Kobi Ampoma JNL Recruitment

    Kobi is a Talent Acquisition Lead. He has an educational background in Human Resources. Having worked in the HR function as an HR Generalist, International Mobility and Talent Acquisition. Kobi is a big advocate for Diversity & Inclusion in recruitment. He has worked in the FMCG, Retail, Sporting Goods, Fashion and Technology industry for 20 years. With his years in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition functions, Kobi will bring insights that can help you structure your organisation from an HR or TA perspective. With a global network of talented individuals, he can also help with translating the business needs into finding the right candidates for your organisation.
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    Sakina Saouti Code Diversiteit & Inclusie | LKCA

    Sakina Saouti is coordinator of the Diversity and Inclusion Code and communications advisor at LKCA. Within these positions she aims to make the cultural sector more accessible, diverse and inclusive to make sure that everyone can participate in our supply of culture.
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    Freyja Lawson Well Hung PA

    UK based touring monitor engineer & audio technician for artists such as Mura Masa and Yungblud. Co-creator & course leader for 3T.


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    Amber Roner Story Art Studio

    Amber Roner believes that everybody has a story worth sharing. Over the years, she has been an energetic host and multimedia journalist for various podcasts, music events, TV and radioshows.