Thu 17 Jan | Best Western Centre, Radesingelzaal | 10:00 - 13:00
Presented by: EMAC

The 2nd European Festival Marketing Seminar - Day 2

Hervé Riesen Radio France (FR), Linnéa Svensson Bylarm (NO), Marcel Surendonk Lowlands (NL), Andi Vanca Electric Castle (RO), Laurent Marceau Director Popmusic, EBU (CH), Manfred Tari (DE), Nikki McNeill Global Publicity (GB)

Marketing & PR

Invitation Only

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Day 2 of the Seminar with the following topics:

10:00 Learn from the nominees – best practices of brand activations from the nominees of the 2017 European Festival Awards (case studies), host: Linnéa Svensson (By:Larm), speakers: Marcel Surendonk (Lowlands), Andi Vanca (Electric Castle)

11:30 ETEP meets EBU meets EMAC - how to make the most out of the European Talent Exchange Program for all of us (roundtable discussion), host: Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity) Andras Berta (EMAC), speakers: Laurent Marceau (EBU), Herve Riesen (Radio France), Manfred Tari (ETEP)

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  • Hervé Riesen

    Hervé Riesen Radio France (FR)

    Deputy Director for stations and contents at Radio France, Hervé Riesen was one of the founders of the Swiss network Couleur 3 in France in 1994.

    In October 1997, he began work at Le Mouv’ (Mouv’ today) then France Inter, in February 2000, as music programmer.

    In 2011 before he became Director of the delegate Direction for International Affairs at Radio France. He is currently President of the “Eurosonic” group at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Vice-president Europe at the International Radio and Television Union (URTI).

  • Linnéa Svensson

    Linnéa Svensson Bylarm (NO)

    Linnéa Elisabeth Svensson has worked with production, sponsorship and sustainability in events for 20 years. She heads by:Larm's conference team and runs her own business which offers sustainability consultancy and certifications including sponsorship. She has written a Norwegian sponsorship handbook for live music organisers and teaches Master Classes in the topic.

    She is a part of Youropes EMAC group, a board member of several organisations working towards sustainability alongside cooperation with brands such as Greener Events Foundation, Passion for Ocean and Oslo Runway.

    The goal is to make sure more events include sustainability measures as well as better brand cooperation.

  • Marcel Surendonk

    Marcel Surendonk Lowlands (NL)

    Marcel Surendonk is responsible for the Brand Partnerships department of MOJO (a Live Nation company). MOJO’s mission is to connect brands with exciting and original platforms like Lowlands, Down the Rabbit Hole, WOO HAH! and North Sea Jazz and help them reach their marketing goals in a relevant and authentic way so they can establish a lasting ‘organic meaningful human connection’ with this very interesting and much sought after festival target group.

  • Andi Vanca

    Andi Vanca Electric Castle (RO)

    Awesome dude. So fun. Much wow.

    Part of the Electric Castle since the first edition. Now, Head of Communications for the same festival.

    Part time boxer. Never good enough to have an official fight.

  • Laurent Marceau

    Laurent Marceau Director Popmusic, EBU (CH)

    In charge of pop/rock music exchanges at the European Broadcasting Union.

  • Manfred Tari

    Manfred Tari (DE)

    Manfred Tari is working as a professional in the music industry since 1987. Already in 1984 he organized his first festival in Dortmund, from 1989 until 1998 he organised the concert program of the German music convention Popkomm, from 1999 onwards he worked as a journalist mainly for trade publications such as Musikmarkt, IQ-Magazine, Music & Copyright and Vip News. From 2004 until 2008 he worked for the conference agenda of Popkomm and since 2009 has provided the same service to the Hamburg based Reeperbahn Festival Conference.

  • Nikki McNeill

    Nikki McNeill Global Publicity (GB)

    Nikki McNeill is the founder of Global Publicity, which specializes in worldwide PR and communications for music, festivals and events. Launched in 2007 the company is widely recognized as one of the leading independent PR agencies, with a reputation for hard work, honesty and professionalism, consistently delivering effective campaigns that raise the profile of artists, events and festivals around the world. Nikki is passionate about the global music scene and only works with clients she truly believes in, dedicated to achieving the best results with campaigns that cross borders and get people talking. She loves what she does and once the work is done she can always be found on the dance floor, where her passion for music first started.


  • Andras Berta

    Andras Berta EMAC (HU)

    Andras has been involved in the international music industry for about 20 years. He was co-founder of the music development program of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and also served as program coordinator of Music Export Hungary. He worked for booking and management agency Budapestrocknroll and was CEO of the independent label Zene360. Between 2010 and 2017 he took the position of International Relations Director at Sziget Festival, focusing on international marketing, pr and ticket sales. In 2016 he was co-founder of the European Marketing and Communication Group within Yourope, the European Festival Association.