Wed 16 Jan | Best Western Centre, Atriumzaal | 15:00 - 17:00

European Venues United Meeting

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Invitation Only

This is a closed meeting.

Liveurope was born out of a challenge: boosting the international careers of emerging European artists, by facilitating their touring opportunities in iconic venues all over the continent.

Four years later, the results speak for themselves: there are now four times more new European artists playing shows in the Liveurope venues thanks to the support provided by the EU. The Liveurope quality label is now well-recognized in the industry. And more than ever, European music venues who develop local talents, wish to see them play beyond their borders.

What if we can reproduce and extend the “Liveurope” success story in hundreds of venues in Europe, and ultimately showcase dozens of thousands of emerging artists in all corners of Europe?

At a time when the discussions on a dedicated European policy for music are moving forward, could such a scheme be strengthened and structured?