Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 12 (up) | 16:30 - 17:30
Presented by: Mitra Intelligence

Event Analytics 2.0

Hung Dang Mitra-Intelligence (DE), Alexander Misera VLEK Technology (DE), Christian Lohse PurpleX GmbH (DE), Fred Türling Eventim Germany (DE)

Marketing & PR | Event production | Technology

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Basic analytics has been common in the event industry for some years, but more than ever is possible today. Instead of analyzing retrospectively, we can now use data to predict outcomes, such as ticket sales. Instead of reacting, we will be able to predict and prepare. Such advanced Analytics opens many doors in event production, marketing, and strategy. We are able to be more efficient, more effective, and more certain - taking events to the next level.


  • Hung Dang

    Hung Dang Mitra-Intelligence (DE)

    Coming from a highly statistical background and even graduating as valedictorian from an Ivy League University, Hung did not pursue a common path afterwards. Instead, he followed his passion and founded an event company with his friends that is currently active in over 40 different cities and 10 countries. Having been hands-on for over two years, Hung quickly returned to his roots and started using complex statistics to find new profit opportunities for his events. Ever since, Hung and his colleague founded Mitra-Intelligence and have gathered and analysed data from some of the biggest festivals in the world.

    The resulting massive amount of data Mitra-Intelligence does not lie - traditional marketing is dead while peer-to-peer sales and marketing have become the gold standard. Ever since, Hung and his colleagues are on a quest to create the most effective peer-to-peer program for the event industry by exploiting the full power of data.

  • Alexander Misera

    Alexander Misera VLEK Technology (DE)

    While still at University Alex organized a popular petition and was highly politically engaged. His technical career started after graduating in Computer Science and Economics: for more than 3 years he was responsible for Microsoft´s technical high potential program in East Germany and supported technical projects in cooperation with Microsoft´s most important customers. Driven by his passion for events and his computer science background he and his fellow founded VLEK TECHNOLOGY.

    VLEK brings real time analytics to the next level. Using Artificial Intelligence at major events, VLEK consumes a huge amount of real time data and generates precious inside knowledge, creates personalized experiences for visitors as well as new business opportunities for organizers and sales people. To improve the data collection process, each customer is able to generate an event-specific app via a drag & drop editor.

  • Christian Lohse

    Christian Lohse PurpleX GmbH (DE)

    Christian is the founder and CEO of PurpleX - an event digitization platform specialized in cashless payment, access control and attendee management. After working for IBM and Red Bull, he became a freelance tech consultant and developer projects for the event industry until he founded PurpleX in 2015. With PurpleX he seeks to increase digitization in the live entertainment business to give organizers, suppliers and attendees a better event experience.

  • Fred Türling

    Fred Türling Eventim Germany (DE)

    Fred Türling leads the data science department at CTS Eventim - Europe's largest ticket retailer and live entertainment promoter. Key aspects of his last twenty years in analytical business are web analytics, targeting & campaign management, data warehousing and business intelligence - at the intersection of Internet, telecommunication services, media and retail. Before, Fred was acting in companies like United Internet, AOL, OTTO and Siemens.


  • Carl A. H. Martin

    Carl A. H. Martin Intellitix (GB)

    Carl A H Martin was originally trained and worked in Architecture, but since joining Scottish Event Centre in Glasgow, in 1984, he has been involved in the design, build and active operation of arenas and stadia worldwide, including Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle, Oberhausen, La Grande Stade, Paris, Shah Alam in Malaysia, Budapest, Zagreb, Split, Torino, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Malta and Kuwait. He is now working on venues in the UK and Greece and is still involved in live events, exhibitions and conferences worldwide. In 2017 was heavily involved with the initial organisation of the Event Production Forum East (EPFE) in Budapest, which continued through into 2018.

    Since 2015 Martin has acted as a consultant to Intellitix, the world’s leading access control and cashless events service provider and has been involved with events throughout Europe and within North America.