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FREEDOM of EXPRESSION - Is music just a business?
Thu 14 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 15:30 - 16:30
Thu 14 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 15:30 - 16:30
Presented by: IMMF

FREEDOM of EXPRESSION - Is music just a business?

Anna Mazgal Wikimedia, Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt , John Robb Louder Than War


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Are artist’s participating in the discussion about the rules on what they can discuss? Artists tell our stories, reveal truths, and push boundaries, in the process often, being labelled: outrageous! Creativity in its essence is a freedom. Where does society draw the line? Once in a while an artist goes too far and either through public outrage or a court decision, there’s push back. That’s how the boundaries of creative freedom have been defined. Until now.

In Spain, puppeteers were prosecuted for a performance where a puppet praised a fictional terrorist organisation. The European Union is working on a law aimed at preventing terrorism online, where the legal exception for artistic expresion could be conditional: a government or platform would decide what’s legitimate. While online content filtering has become a go-to tool to protect copyright and block unwanted speech, how well does technology fare in striking the balance between blocking what is illegal and guarding free expression?

In this era of global connectivity, artists share cultural and political stories through many mediums, not only in protest songs. Which legal and technical mechanisms intended to combat illegal content, might block art? Is censorship something which only happens elsewhere? What rules are developing in the EU? Are artist’s participating in the discussion about the rules on what they can discuss?


  • Anna Mazgal

    Anna Mazgal Wikimedia

    Anna Mazgal works for Wikimedia as EU Policy Advisor based in Brussels, specialising in copyright and platform regulation issues. She is also a coordinator of the working group for Wikimedia Movement strategy in advocacy . Previously she was head of policy at Centrum Cyfrowe, a Polish think-and-do-tank on digital rights in culture and education and a President of COMMUNIA Association.
  • Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt

    Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt is an artist manager, and music rights technologist, he is the VP of Education and Innovation at IMMF, he enjoys freediving and is a member of the Project Zero team helping to raise funds and awareness for Ocean conservation using culture and innovation. 

  • John Robb Louder Than War

    John Robb is the driving force behind the post punk legends the Membranes, a radio and TV presenter, a music writer, author of many best selling music books about punk rock, the Stone Roses. His latest book, Manifesto, is a vision of. apost pandemic green Eco future written with leading UK green energy boss Dale Vince and his definitive book on the history of Goth culture comes out later this year. 
    John Robb Youtube channel ; twitter : johnrobb77 ; instagram : johnrobb77 . Louder Than War: music culture site 


  • Alek Tarkowski

    Alek Tarkowski Open Future

    Alek Tarkowski is a sociologist, maker of digital strategies and public policies, advocate and researcher of digital society. He is a founder at Open Future a new think tank for the open movement. His interests include broader digital strategies for societies, regulation of emergent technologies, digital skills and openness of public resources. He is the co-founder of Creative Commons Poland, the European Association on the Digital Public Domain and the Polish Coalition for Open Education (KOED). Recently, he co-created the new strategy for the Creative Commons Global Network. Alumnus of the Leadership Academy of Poland, in 2016 he was named New Europe 100 Challenger. Formerly, member of the Board of Strategic Advisors to the Prime Minister of Poland (2008-2011), member of the Polish Board of Digitisation, an advisory body to the Minister of Digitisation (2011-2016).