Fundamentals of LOUD
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Front 1 | 16:30 - 17:30
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Front 1 | 16:30 - 17:30
Presented by: ESNS Loud

Fundamentals of LOUD

Andy Farrow Northern Music (GB), Paul Ryan United Talent Agency (GB), Riku Pääkkönen Ranka Kustannus (FI), Achim Ostertag Summer Breeze Open Air (DE)

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In the current situation, we can say that the LOUD sector has no option other than to broaden the genre scope. Does the infrastructure in the LOUD music scene need to be revitalized? And how can labels, festivals, agents and managers work together to create a sustainable scene?

It's clear that we need to work together more closely than ever in order to ensure that the LOUD initiative is still around for future generations of fans. But perhaps more important than that, do we need new initiatives to keep the LOUD fan satisfied?


  • Andy Farrow

    Andy Farrow Northern Music (GB)

    After 25 years Andy Farrow is a well respected figure in the world of rock and metal music, particularly when it comes to management.

    Unusually for the British music industry, Andy continues to be based outside of London, more specifically, in the greener West Yorkshire area. Operating internationally, with globally touring acts, Andy continues to explore new territories and develop his business throughout the world. Recently, he became a consultant and shareholder in Be Prog! My Friend Festival in Barcelona and is also a director at Versity Music in Sweden. Andy also undertook a consultant role at the online, direct to fan music platform; Pledge Music.

    Aside from this, Andy is also Director of Film24Productions, a Live Event, DVD, Television & Corporate Video Production Company, specializing in Music Industry Filming Services.

    Andy is also setting up an online music industry tuition course in conjunction with Rodney Holder at Music Business Facts.

  • Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan United Talent Agency (GB)

    Paul Ryan started his career in music as one of the founder members of Cradle Of Filth, and after extensive touring and recording the switch over to concert promoter was taken, spending time both as a regional promoter in-house at the Colchester Arts Centre and then national promoter for the Mean Fiddler working out of the Iconic Astoria Theatre on London’s Charring Cross Road, The opportunity to become an agent working for veteran Neil Warnock at The Agency Group (now United Talent Agency) arose in 2002 where Paul has signed a roster of contemporary and career artists such as Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine,Children Of Bodom, Good Charlotte,Killing Joke, Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Paradise Lost and Trivium.

  • Riku Pääkkönen

    Riku Pääkkönen Ranka Kustannus (FI)

    Founder of Spinefarm Records in 1990. After over 20 years at Spinefarm and Universal Music left the music industry in 2012 to return 2013 with new independent label Ranka Kustannus. Ranka actually means Spine in Finnish, and Ranka had been Spinefarm's publishing arm for ten years. Ranka's current roster features 20 artists including Blind Channel which will perform at ESNS. Other artists to watch are Arion, Cyan Kicks, and Mari Sainio. Recently the label signed its first artists from outside Finland, a Haitian youngster Sofia St Jean and London jazz collective Halfpenny.

  • Achim Ostertag

    Achim Ostertag Summer Breeze Open Air (DE)

    Achim Ostertag started Summer Breeze in his hometown Abtsgmuend in 1997 with approx. 300 people attending over two days in a small marquee. The year 2000 marks the first time Summer Breeze took place as an Open Air Festival with 1.500 - 2.000 guests and the following 2-3 years it grew to 10.000 people per day. After moving the festival to Dinkelsbuehl in 2006, Summer Breeze Open Air is now in its 22nd year with more than 40.000 people per day. The festival has become the second biggest Metal Festival in Germany. The Main Stage is the biggest revolving Open Air Stage with a turnable plate (20 metres, two sides, instead of two stages) in Europe. Besides Summer Breeze, Achim Ostertag just started Black Harbour Entertainment, a new booking and management agency with Merle Doering. He is also part of the festival production companies Event G.O.T. and ProChecked.


  • Frank Janssen

    Frank Janssen Striped Elephant (NL)

    Frank Janssen is in uiteenlopende disciplines in de muziekindustrie werkzaam geweest. Van platenzaak, lokale radio naar muziekjournalist om uiteindelijk hoofdredacteur/uitgever van het vakblad Entertainment Business te worden. Na zijn periode als marketingmanager bij Sony Music start hij zijn eigen communicatiebedrijf en geeft hij entertainmentmarketing aan de Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2007 keert hij terug bij Entertainment Business en start hij met de nieuwe vakuitgave EB Live voor de live industrie. Begin 2014 stapt Janssen over naar Buma/Stemra en bekleedt tot eind 2017 de functie van manager Communicatie & PR. In januari 2018 start hij zijn eigen communicatiebedrijf Striped Elephant.