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Haagse Politiek vs Popmuziek
Sat 19 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Front 1 | 13:30 - 14:30
Sat 19 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Front 1 | 13:30 - 14:30

Haagse Politiek vs Popmuziek

Peter Kwint SP (NL), Arriën Molema Vice-voorzitter BAM! (NL), Salima Belhaj D66 (NL), Edith Severs NMUV (NL)


Dutch spoken

Bij het vormgeven van het Nederlandse cultuurbeleid hebben veel partijen een rol: de landelijke overheid, lokale overheden, en ook de sector zelf. Hoe kijkt de politiek naar de popsector en wat wil de sector van de politiek? Schiet het Nederlandse cultuurbeleid, zoals de Raad voor Cultuur schetst, tekort omdat er niet genoeg oog is voor de nieuwe artistieke ontwikkelingen in de muziek en in de samenleving?

En hoe urgent zijn andere issues zoals secondary ticketing en auteursrecht? Met andere woorden: hoe kan de politiek de popmuziek steunen, wat zijn daarbij de prioriteiten en wat moet de sector vooral zelf doen?


  • Peter Kwint

    Peter Kwint SP (NL)

    Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party. Lover of hardcore punk and country music alike, and decorated stage dive veteran. Miserable MMA fighter. In Parliament, Kwint is spokesperson on the subjects of education, culture and media. He has been active on the subjects of secondary ticketing and the promotion of accessible pop and rock venues and talent development in popular music for the last couple of months.

  • Arriën Molema

    Arriën Molema Vice-voorzitter BAM! (NL)

    Arriën Molema is a songwriter and musician who has been awarded Platinum and Golden records for his work with the band “Room Eleven”. He has toured and played in the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, South-Africa, Germany, and Belgium. He is currently active as songwriter and producer, but also as composer of documentary-music.

    Arriën is co-founder and vice-chair of BAM!, the Dutch Songwriters Society that unites young songwriters to discuss issues related to the digital exploitation of copyright. He is interested in technological and international developments (Artifical Intelligence, blockchain) within the music and copyright industry. He is vice-chair of the supervisory board of the Dutch collecting society Buma/Stemra.

  • Salima Belhaj

    Salima Belhaj D66 (NL)

    Salima Belhaj is a member of the Dutch parliament of the political party D66 and lives in Rotterdam. Salima has worked for 15 years within cultural organizations such as Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and as a business director at Apple Arts Centre in Amsterdam. Currently she is a member of parliament and spokesperson for Art and Cultural affairs, and President of the parliamentary Art committee. She has also developed an interest in Defence and Foreign affairs and she is currently also spokesperson for Defence and is Vice-President of the European Committee of the parliament. She graduated in International Human Resource Management and is studying International Relations in Historical Perspective at University of Utrecht. During 2008-2016 Salima was the political leader of D66 in the city council of Rotterdam. In this position as political leader, she established her party an important influence in the city. As head of the electoral list, she ran a successful campaign in early 2010 and 2014. She was consequently elected head of party and was twice responsible for undertaking negotiations to form a new governing coalition. Alongside her political work she is also President of the Board of Rotterdam Festivals.

  • Edith Severs

    Edith Severs NMUV (NL)

    Edith Severs: Copyright Power International

    Edith Severs started her career in the music industry at Buma/Stemra as coordinator of the Audio Visual department, at that time the only ‘commercial island' in the field of Syncs.

    Worked as professional manager at ‘Zomba Music Group’ as the publisher of acts such as Backstreet Boys, Iron Maiden, John Lee Hooker Britney Spears etc. Zomba was bought by BMG in 2002.

    As chair of the board of ‘Stichting Tune" (Tune Foundation) she actively participated in the merger with BCMM.

    Started her own indepent Music Publishing Company Copyright Power International in 1992. Runs it succesfully as Back Office for artists, composers and agencies. Specializes in safeguarding International royalty flows deriving from copyrights and neighbouring rights.

    About to release first signings as a record label.

    Vice chair of NMUV (Dutch Music Publishers association)


  • Robbert Baruch

    Robbert Baruch Buma/Stemra (NL)

    Robbert Baruch (Amsterdam, 1967) is Manager Public Affairs for Buma/Stemra. He has over 25 years’ experience in various public sector roles. He was involved in political campaigns, lobbying initiatives, commercial transactions and legal, media, civil and market access challenges in The Netherlands and international arenas since the mid-‘90s. Currently he has a role in the lobby for strengthening copyright and improving the possibilities for the creative sector as a whole. Previously he was lobbyist for the insurance sector, and alderman/deputy mayor for the Rotterdam Borough of Feijenoord.