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How to: a Safer Festival Experience
How to: a Safer Festival Experience
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 5 | 11:30 - 12:30
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 5 | 11:30 - 12:30
Presented by: Misc Berlin, Act Aware

How to: a Safer Festival Experience

Sarah Bergmann Act Aware e.V., Mikko Niemelä Ruisrock Festival

English spoken

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-06 om 14.32.28.png In the wake of a paneuropean #metoo movement of the music industry, we have to ask ourselves: What role do sexism and sexualized violence have in individual festival experiences? - Act Aware, an initiative promoting awareness at events - conducted a study on the topic and asked thousands of festival attendees this question. In this session, we would like to share and discuss the results of this large-scale study with you. Sarah Bergmann from Act Aware will present the outcome and will, together with Julia Gudzent from Misc Berlin - a diversity agency focussed on the cultural sector - discuss the status quo at live events and in the music industry. Mikko is the promoter and CEO of Ruisrock which is one of the oldest music festivals in Europe established in 1970. Responsibility is one of the core values of the festival and Ruisrock is very committed in the task of changing the festival culture for better. Mikko states that festivals need to be part of the change and have the responsibility over the visitors to create safer festivals for everyone. Together we want to find put what the most pressing issues are and where we have to come in, take responsibility and conduct measures for a more inclusive festival experience. Misc Berlin, Act Aware and Ruisrock are all working on encouraging internal rethinking and concretely helping the festival landscape to become a safer and less discriminatory place. Let's share experiences, benefit from synergies, and work on finding solutions for a truly free-spirited festival seasons in 2022!


  • Sarah Of Course-0165.jpg

    Sarah Bergmann Act Aware e.V.

    Sarah Bergmann is a coach for creative, sustainable and aware concepts in the event and festival industry. In the field of internal and external awareness, she is committed to diverse and target group-oriented development. Her focus areas include discrimination-free spaces and female empowerment. In 2020, she founded Act Aware e.V. with like-minded people, an initiative for establishing awareness structures at events. According to her credo "change from the inside out", she gives workshops and keynotes for the vision of a fairer event landscape.
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    Mikko Niemelä Ruisrock Festival

    Mikko is the CEO and promoter of Ruisrock which takes place in Turku, Finland. The festival established in 1970 is one of the oldest in Europe and the biggest music festival in Finland.


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    Julia Gudzent Misc Berlin

    In 2005, Julia joined Melt Festival as its second full-time employee. She worked as a German tour promoter for artists such as The 1975, Matthew Herbert, Years & Years, Robyn and many more. In 2015, she gave up tour booking to concentrate fully on festivals, and worked as programmer and head of artist liaison for festivals such as Lollapalooza Berlin, Superbloom Munich, Melt Festival, Berlin Festival, Pure & Crafted, Body&Soul Festival, Untold Festival, Neversea Festival. She was one of the very few festival programmers to work internationally and books festivals in countries such as Ireland, Romania and Germany. In 2020, she founded Misc, an agency for diversity and empowerment that is designed to help companies become more diverse and create an empowered and equal work environment. Now she works full-time on advising companies, especially in the creative sector, on how to implement diversity, equity and inclusion into their daily business.