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How to Grasp Market Trends in Europe’s Music Sector?
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 7 | 13:30 - 14:30
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 7 | 13:30 - 14:30
Presented by: Music Moves Europe

How to Grasp Market Trends in Europe’s Music Sector?

Matthieu Philibert IMPALA (FR), Audrey Guerre Live DMA (FR), Paul Vroonhof Panteia (NL), Teodora Pletosu KEA (RO)


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The European music sector is a strong and diverse ecosystem of creators, industry operators, innovators, not-for-profit organisations and of course millions of fans. The way we produce, exchange and listen to music has changed radically in the past two decades and will continue to evolve at a fast pace. In Europe, we lack sound and comparable information about these developments and trends. The EU institutions are addressing this challenge in the context of "Music Moves Europe", and so do a variety of European countries on their own territories recently. This panel will discuss what is needed to help understand and anticipate the trends of the European music sector in the future. How can we better analyse and measure the cross-border flows of music? How can we better anticipate and embrace innovation, new trends and market shifts, at national and European levels? Following an introduction by the European Commission, our panellists will discuss these ideas, the latest developments on the subject, and answer the audience’s questions.


  • Matthieu Philibert

    Matthieu Philibert IMPALA (FR)

    After a few years at eBay, Matthieu Philibert joined IMPALA – the European Association of Independent Music Companies – in 2011. On behalf of independents he is actively involved in EU discussions in Brussels around copyright, access to finance for cultural and creative SMEs, promoting cultural diversity and competition, among many other issues. Matthieu was actively involved in the discussions that led to the launch in 2017 of the EU's 'Music Moves Europe' preparatory action which aims to test different initiatives for more targeted EU funding for music.

  • Audrey Guerre

    Audrey Guerre Live DMA (FR)

    Audrey Guerre is the Coordinator of Live DMA, the European network for music venues and festivals. Her experience in studying, job opportunities and personal beliefs led her to specialise in European cooperation and live music. She now provides Live DMA members with political monitoring, tools and opportunities to meet & exchange best practices. She also represents their interests to European institutions and partners. She is also a board member of Trempolino, a French music venue providing emerging artists support based in Nantes, and is a board member of the European Music Council.

  • Paul Vroonhof

    Paul Vroonhof Panteia (NL)

    Paul Vroonhof works at Panteia, a Dutch research and consultancy firm where he is responsible for international social studies. He has about 15 years of experience managing EU wide projects involving large teams of experts. During the past few years, Paul built up substantial experience with studies on the cultural sector, mostly through the management of the European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual media, commissioned by DG EAC. He also contributed to specific requests about the music sector or that included the music sector, such as an inventory of music support schemes, the evaluation of EUYO, the development of the Preliminary Action for the music sector, and the impact assessment for the next MFF culture strand of Creative Europe.

    Paul has been involved in an enormous number of studies and projects in which data played a central role. He combines a thorough knowledge of data and methodological instruments with the ability to build consensus between stakeholders on scenarios, required policies, and roadmaps. This has prepared him well for his current position as overall manager of the MME studies on the feasibility of a European Music Observatory and on Market trends and gaps in funding needs for the music sector.

  • Teodora Pletosu

    Teodora Pletosu KEA (RO)

    Teodora is a researcher and consultant at KEA where she develops evaluation methodologies to assess how cultural and audiovisual policies contribute to economic development and social cohesion at EU, national and regional levels.

    Teodora is currently contributing to KEA’s work on developing a European Export Strategy (with EMEE) and a feasibility study for a music observatory (with Panteia). She is the author and co-author of several studies and evaluations such as the evaluation of the Creative Europe programme (for the European Parliament CULT Committee, 2018), an economic impact assessment of the Lithuanian tax incentive scheme for film production (for the Lithuanian Film Centre, 2018), ‘Mapping the creative value chains: A study on the economy of culture in the digital age’ (DG EAC 2017), or ‘Big Data for monitoring educational systems’ (DG EAC 2017).


  • Emmanuel Legrand

    Emmanuel Legrand Legrand Network (FR)

    Emmanuel Legrand is a journalist and consultant specialised in the creative industries and copyright issues. A former Billboard and Music & Media editor, he is currently based in Washington, DC where he covers music and copyright issues for Music Week, IP-Watch and News Tank, among others. He is the author of the reports "Music Crossing Borders -- Monitoring the cross-border circulation of European music repertoire within the European Union" (2012) and "The Global Market For Neighbouring Rights" (2014).