Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 9 (down) | 16:30 - 17:30
Presented by: ESNS Tech

In conversation with Linkfire - one of the most important technology companies in the music business.

Lars Ettrup Linkfire (DK)

Labels & Publishing | Technology

English spoken

A conversation with Lars Ettrup, founder of Linkfire, widely regarded as one of the most important data companies in the music business. The industry is currently transforming music consumption but remains fragmented across multiple platforms and services. Linkfire wants to contribute to the transformation by bringing music and fans closer. Not inside music services, but outside where fans and artists engage. Ettrup will be discussing what Linkfire does as well as reflecting on the broader issues of the digital market, attempting to make sense of where the industry is headed and examining what we can expect in the coming two to three years.


  • Lars Ettrup

    Lars Ettrup Linkfire (DK)

    Lars Ettrup is the co-founder and CEO of Linkfire. In four years his company has become the default marketing platform for music. Every month, more than 70 million fans from around the world are sent to music and ticket services, giving Linkfire a unique and real time understanding of music audiences and their consumption patterns world wide across services.