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Kun je Artiest Zijn ten Tijde van Corona?
Kun je Artiest Zijn ten Tijde van Corona?
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 4 | 10:00 - 11:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 4 | 10:00 - 11:00
Presented by: BAM! Popauteurs

Kun je Artiest Zijn ten Tijde van Corona?

NAAZ , Eva van Manen , Joe Buck Joe Buck Music


Dutch spoken

ESNS22_picto_black_.png Tour na tour wordt verplaatst en afgezegd. Als je al mag spelen is het spannend of er geen band- of crewlid met een positieve test tussen zal zitten, zeker als je over de landsgrenzen gaat. Daarnaast worden nieuwe artiesten minder geboekt gezien de zalen minder risico kunnen nemen. Steeds meer artiesten zeggen in winterslaap te gaan omdat ze het aan- en afkondigen financieel, organisatorisch én mentaal niet kunnen bolwerken. Is het wel mogelijk om een onderneming te runnen in deze tijden? En als je wel doorgaat, waar leg je je focus?




    Naaz is a singer-songwriter and producer from Holland, who immediately captures your attention with her distinctive voice. Having a Kurdish background, it shows true will power for Naaz to power through to her unconvential dream of becoming an artist.
    Naaz has taught herself to write, produce and record her own music in her bedroom, so she could still be able to make music regardless of any circumstances.
    With her first home made EP 'Bits Of Naaz' gaining over 60 million streams, and her second EP 'The Beautiful Struggle' receiving mass critical acclaim, she is now on a hiatus after touring europe 3 times, to create her debut album coming soon.
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    Eva van Manen

    Eva van Manen is an Amsterdam based songwriter, composer, producer and poet who released two independent albums and one book of poetry at publisher Hollands Diep. With her band she was recently on tour with her second album De Diepte In. This spring the tour will continue in the Netherlands and Belgium. Her work is always a fluid combination of poetry, acoustic instrumentation and electronics.
    She produces her own music and in 2019 together with producer and researcher Josephine Zwaan she started rosetta.: the platform for female and gender non-conforming music producers in the Netherlands. They host talkshows, table talks - for example during the music conference No Man's Land - and organize several educational programs for upcoming and intermediate producers (v/x)
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    Joe Buck Joe Buck Music

    Joe Buck is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter and aspiring producer. His first radio single 'The Way You Take Time' became a huge hit in the Netherlands, earning him a spot in the top 40, top 3 in the Airplay Charts and a Gold record. After this Joe went on his first sold out tour and then later in 2020 he released his debut album 'White Roses', which was co-produced by his mentor Ilse DeLange.
    In 2021 Joe was further introduced to the Netherlands through the hit TV show 'Beste Zangers' and he is currently working on new releases for 2022.


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    Rita Zipora BAM! popauters

    Rita Zipora is chair of the council of members of Buma/Stemra (Raad van Rechthebbenden), a board member of BAM! Popauteurs (Beroepsvereniging voor Auteur-Muzikanten) and advisor for the Raad voor Cultuur. As a songwriter and musician, Rita Zipora released two well-reviewed solo-albums and toured in Belgium and the Netherlands with her new project WOLKEN. She graduated in 2016 from her master studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam Pop-department with a thesis on copyright in the digital domain.