Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 8 | 15:00 - 16:00

MOJO's Anniversary - 50 Years of Rock 'n Roll & Business

John Mulder Mojo Concerts (NL), Leon Ramakers MOJO Concerts (NL), Ruben Brouwer Mojo Concerts (NL)

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Although part of Live Nation, MOJO still carries its original name. This year the Dutch concert promotor and festival organizer celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this unique occasion one of its founder fathers Leon Ramakers, accompanied by the current management members Ruben Brouwer and John Mulder, will share their side of the MOJO (hi)story with the ESNS-audience. Of course, the current MOJO management can come up with countless anecdotes, but more interesting is their view on the current situation and future developments in the vibrant live music industry.


  • John Mulder

    John Mulder Mojo Concerts (NL)

    After being away from the company officially for five years, John Mulder has been reinstated as one of MOJO’s directors. He was asked to ‘hook up with’ the company (his words) somewhere around 1986; his main responsibility back then was production. These days, John is a regular jack-of-all-trades: apart from his day job he works in artist management and was the driving force behind the invention of the barrier we still see at concerts around the world.

  • Leon Ramakers

    Leon Ramakers MOJO Concerts (NL)

    For years, Leon Ramakers was MOJO’s CEO. He became involved with the concert organising company in 1969 when he went into business with MOJO-founder Berry Visser. Although Leon said goodbye to his director’s title years ago, he remains involved with the company and is still one of its major programmers, as well as a well-respected advisor. His best advice for any successors: be curious, gather all knowledge you can and serve both sides of the industry; artists as well as audiences.

  • Ruben Brouwer

    Ruben Brouwer Mojo Concerts (NL)

    Ruben Brouwer started working in MOJO’s legal department in 2008. By then he had been a lawyer in the entertainment industry for years but wanted to work in live music. Having been an avid concert-goer since age twelve, MOJO was his first choice. Now, ten years later, he is one of the company’s directors but stresses that MOJO would be nothing without all the dedicated people working in the field, from programmers to security staff.


  • David Kleijwegt

    David Kleijwegt VPRO (NL)

    David Kleijwegt made a name for himself in the Netherlands as a music critic and writer, interviewing Nirvana, Herbie Hancock, Prince, U2, David Bowie, George Harrison, The National and numerous others. In the 90s he became editor in chief of VPRO’s Lola da Musica, a series of music documentaries, and In 2006 he made his first stand-alone documentary, The Eternal Children, zooming in on the freak folk scene. Not long after that he directed You May Need A Murderer, about slow core band Low. He’s now working on The Race, about the burning ambition to build a quantum computer, to be aired later in January.

  • Sander Donkers

    Sander Donkers Vrij Nederland (NL)

    Sander Donkers is a Dutch writer, journalist and columnist with a special interest in pop music. As an editor for Vrij Nederland magazine he interviewed and wrote about a very long list of musicians. He won several awards, including the Pop Media Prijs, The Jip Golsteijn Journalistiekprijs and De Tegel. Donkers published two books; Lipstick Sunset (2003) and Hay (2016), a biography of Golden Earring-singer Barry Hay. This last book became a bestseller and was widely praised. This summer he started as a columnist on the front page of the national newspaper De Volkskrant. In his spare time, Sander Donkers plays guitar with Dutch singer/songwriter VanWyck.