Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 11 (up) | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: Presented by IMPALA

Music Discovery Anyone? The Place of Independents in the Digital Age

Anna Groß Springstoff (DE), Floris Janssen Eightball Music (NL), Wilbert Mutsaers Spotify (NL), Radomir Pivoda PLATFORMA (CZ)

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All the music in the world is only a few clicks away. The advent of streaming, combined with the use of smartphones, held the promise of a new world where all music would be equal. But are people exploring more music than before? And is it easier today for independent artists to break through the noise?
Our speakers, drawb from the independent world will try to answer these questions and many others during this panel on diversity and the place of independent music in the digital age.


  • Anna Groß

    Anna Groß Springstoff (DE)

    Anna is an artist manager, and event organizer at Springstoff, the Berlin-based music company that includes label, publishing, booking- and event agency plus webshop. Springstoff puts a special emphasis on the support and promotion of women in music and offers expertise in education such as workshops and lectures. Together with Anna's Co-CEO Rainer Scheerer and their team, they ran a party and concert series 'Female Focus’ that emphasized MCing and DJing, started the party series 'Let The Bass Drop' with an all fem line-up and they run showcases for their artists.

  • Floris Janssen

    Floris Janssen Eightball Music (NL)

    Floris Janssen is General Manager for Dutch label 8ball Music. The label focuses on building artist careers and music brands within all possible traditional and new business models. Activities start from negotiating artist contracts, monetising intellectual properties and constantly finding new ways of doing business in a rapidly changing environment. Before joining 8ball, Floris worked as COO for Ticketmaster Netherlands, and VP Marketing at EMI Music Netherlands.

  • Wilbert Mutsaers

    Wilbert Mutsaers Spotify (NL)

    Wilbert Mutsaers is currently Head of Benelux, Content & Creator at Spotify. Previously he was CEO at Mojo Concerts - Live Nation. Formerly he was Station manager at the public radiostations NPO 3FM, Radio 6 and FunX of which he managed the music-, marketing- & online-strategy. Mutsaers has been Head of A&R, Creative and Marketing Director at Universal Music and Sony Music Benelux. Mutsaers is co-founder and first chairman of the Dutch Pop-Coalition and a member of the Dutch Creative Council, the creative board for the Dutch Government.

  • Radomir Pivoda

    Radomir Pivoda PLATFORMA (CZ)

    Radomir is an active musician, former music manager of the Czech Republic's No. 1 singer, current manager of an independent label, Committee member of IFPI Czech Republic, member of a "fair-art" non-profit organization providing legal services to novice artists, and a member of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI). The majority of his time Radomir spends on providing legal services in the field of intellectual property law, copyright and rights in the entertainment industry. He specialises in representing independent artists against large (major) companies, labels and content distributors.


  • Matthieu Philibert

    Matthieu Philibert IMPALA (FR)

    After a few years at eBay, Matthieu Philibert joined IMPALA – the European Association of Independent Music Companies – in 2011. On behalf of independents he is actively involved in EU discussions in Brussels around copyright, access to finance for cultural and creative SMEs, promoting cultural diversity and competition, among many other issues. Matthieu was actively involved in the discussions that led to the launch in 2017 of the EU's 'Music Moves Europe' preparatory action which aims to test different initiatives for more targeted EU funding for music.