Music Export: Combining efforts at European level
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 7 | 12:00 - 13:00
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 7 | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: Music Moves Europe

Music Export: Combining efforts at European level

Corinne Sadki Le Bureau Export (FR), Nur Al Habash Italia Music Export (IT), Virgo Sillamaa Music Estonia (EE), Arthur Le Gall KEA (FR)

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Europe is home of some of the most inspiring and talented music creators in the world. From Tallinn to Lisbon, from Athens to Dublin, new artists emerge every day and dream of touring across borders. In Europe, national export offices are here to help acts achieving international success, with positive but fragmented results. But what if all European countries joined forces and worked together to promote talent in the EU and in the rest of the world? Could a European approach to music export be the solution to the fragmentation of our music market and of the visibility of artists on other continents? How can we concretely boost the circulation of European repertoire and mobility of talents? The EU institutions are addressing related subjects in the context of "Music Moves Europe". Following an introduction by the European Commission, this panel will explore the latest developments on this front, with representatives of the recently established "European Music Exporters Exchange", and allow the audience to ask questions on how to help and get involved.


  • Corinne Sadki

    Corinne Sadki Le Bureau Export (FR)

    With a Masters degree and a seasoned marketing and communication manager with strong experience in the music industry, Corinne Sadki has been working as product manager and head of trade marketing in major record companies (EMI, BMG, Sony Music) developing marketing and communication strategies with a never ending passion for music.

    In 2016, she joined the French Music Export office in Paris (Le Bureau Export) enhancing her knowledge of the French music sector with the issues of international development. Getting involved in this new general interest mission, developing artists career abroad, encouraging the competitivity of the French music sector in new markets, and mobilizing politicians to support the music sector, have been a strong motivation for the last two years.

    She also got involved in European music matters when she was elected president of EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange) in May 2017, and since then, she supports international development of the European music sector as a key issue of international policy.

  • Nur Al Habash

    Nur Al Habash Italia Music Export (IT)

    Nur Al Habash is a music journalist and Italian music and music business expert. From 2014 to 2017 she was Editor-in-Chief at, one of Italy's main online music magazines. In 2017 she fuonded the first Italian Music Export Office for SIAE. She's director of the Italian chapter of, a network of women who work in the music industry.

  • Virgo Sillamaa

    Virgo Sillamaa Music Estonia (EE)

    Virgo Sillamaa is the director of Music Estonia, the Estonian music export office and industry development center. At Music Estonia he works with all aspects of the Estonian music scene - artists, companies and organisations of various sorts - towards making Estonian music heard all over the world. Virgo is the Secretary General of EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange) network and a member of the council of Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (Tallinn University) and also of Viljandi Cultural Academy (Tartu University).

    Virgo also runs his own company Avarus which is a creative consultancy, initiating, organising and consulting creative projects - mostly in music, but also in other fields. Avarus has previously organised concerts in Estonia and released music in the jazz/improvised music field. Previously Virgo used to play jazz guitar professionally and has worked extensively in many roles in the field of music education in Estonia.

  • Arthur Le Gall

    Arthur Le Gall KEA (FR)

    Arthur Le Gall is director at KEA, responsible for coordinating KEA’s research team and supervising studies, reports and projects. He is specialised in policies for the sport, audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors.

    Arthur currently spearheads KEA’s work on developing a European Music Export Strategy (with EMEE) and a feasibility study for a music observatory (with Panteia). Arthur engineers support programmes and policies for the cultural and creative sectors to nurture arts, culture and creativity across territories. He is the author or co-author of several research pieces on culture and creativity in Europe, including ‘Mapping the creative value chains: A study on the economy of culture in the digital age’ (DG EAC, 2017), a ‘Study on the promotion of European works in Audiovisual Media Services (DG CONNECT, 2017) or the longitudinal evaluation of Mons European Capital of Culture 2015 (Mons 2015 Foundation, 2012-2016). Arthur’s experience includes managing some key EU-funded projects, one looking into culture investment and strategic initiatives in 150 cities and regions across Europe (“Culture for cities and regions”, 2014-2017), as well as another on developing an international platform for young creative entrepreneurs (“Creative Tracks”, 2015-2017).


  • Fabien Miclet

    Fabien Miclet Independent Europan Affairs Consultant (FR)

    Fabien is a French-Irish specialist in European funding, music policy and project management. Until the end of 2017 he was in charge of the coordination of Liveurope, the first EU-supported platform bringing together some of the best live music venues from all around the continent. He is now an independent consultant operating between Lisbon, Brussels and Paris. Fabien works with the European Commission and the European Parliament on a variety of policy initiatives, including the newly established 'Music Moves Europe' process.