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NFT’s: Hype of de Toekomst van de Muziekindustrie?
NFT’s: Hype of de Toekomst van de Muziekindustrie?
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 15:00 - 16:00
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 15:00 - 16:00
Presented by: STOMP

NFT’s: Hype of de Toekomst van de Muziekindustrie?

Luciano Winter Rotterdam Airlines / Stormi capital, Marijn Meijles FUGA, Colin Benders Reclined Snob / Modular Mayhem, Thijs de Vlieger Noisia / Thys

Dutch spoken

stomp.jpg De NFT (non-fungible token) is zonder twijfel de meest besproken technologische ontwikkeling in de muziekindustrie van het afgelopen jaar. Maar hoe werkt een NFT nou precies? En belangrijker: Hoe kan een platenlabel of artiest hier gebruik van maken? Tijdens dit panel, gepresenteerd door het STOMP Development Team, geven de panelleden ons inzichten over het gebruik van NFT’s bij muziekreleases. Niet met ingewikkelde technische taal maar aan de hand van concrete voorbeelden en praktische tips! Zo bespreken we: Hoe kunnen labels waarde blijven toevoegen nu NFT’s, Bitcoin en de gedecentraliseerde blockchain het mogelijk maken om muziek op een alternatieve manier te financieren en distribueren?


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    Luciano Winter Rotterdam Airlines / Stormi capital

    Luciano Arseno Winter (28) has proven that nothing is impossible. He is a perfect example of a go-getter. The ambitious Luciano isn’t in possession of a degree, but that’s not stopping him from achieving his dreams. He has developed himself into a successful entrepreneur. An example for many. How did he pull it off? Hard work, thinking SMART and never giving up! His love for music has always been noticeable. As a little boy, Luciano loved to listen and make music. For example, he played the piano, he was in a school band, he DJed and rapped. As a creative person, he also sprayed graffiti. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Luciano has studied almost all the basic principles of the creative sector. It didn't stop there. When he got the chance to develop himself further, he didn’t hesitate. Luciano grabbed that opportunity with both hands. The passionate Luciano started the Law Music Art & Coaching foundation in early 2009. He focused himself on supporting young creative talent. Not long after that, he joined forces with his brother Jairzinho, who had been acting and making music for some time.
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    Marijn Meijles FUGA

    Being involved with FUGA since the beginning, Marijn has played a key role in the design and implementation of its digital distribution system which is now a major player in the worldwide market.
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    Colin Benders Reclined Snob / Modular Mayhem

    I am a musician, composer and producer. In 2008 I founded the Kyteman Orchestra, after which I set up multiple makerspaces for musicians. since a few years I have mostly been active with modular synthesizers, focusing on everything between experimental electronics, electro-classical music and techno.
  • Thys 1 (by Lex Vesseur) png.png

    Thijs de Vlieger Noisia / Thys

    Thys (Thijs de Vlieger, 1982) is a composer, performing musician, and producer from Groningen, The Netherlands. He has initiated and composed music for interdisciplinary performances and written for various ensembles of musicians. Besides his solo work, De Vlieger is a member of the critically acclaimed electronic music production trio Noisia, with whom he also scored for major game titles. Since the rise of NFT's, De Vlieger has been an outspoken advocate and has sold multiple NFT's of his music.


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    Guillaume Warmerdam LAB Music

    Been working in the music business for over ten years now. My intro was working for the management and label of Caro Emerald (Grandmono), later I moved on to music tech for Fuga, and now I spend most my time working for LAB Music and a new start up with my brother called MakeWaves(.fm).