Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Mid 5 | 14:30 - 15:30

Pieter Smit, ESNS’s preferred logistic partner, shares insights in economic friendly touring solutions

Maarten Arkenbout Pieter Smit (NL)


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How to minimalize expenses and CO2 footprint while touring with a show? Every relocation of a show is a big expense for the producing company. It also has a big impact on our Environment. Through smart thinking and opening up for changes, the CO2 footprint can be reduced and it might save you some money as well.


  • Maarten Arkenbout

    Maarten Arkenbout Pieter Smit (NL)

    Maarten is international relations manager for Pieter Smit Group. He is an expert in e-friendly logistics in the entertainment biz. Pieter Smit specialises in the transportation, assembly and technical realisation of theatre productions, pop & rock, live entertainment and sporting events throughout Europe. By efficiently combining these specialist skills, Pieter Smit occupies a niche position in the market. Powered by decades of experience, we have become one of the leading transport providers for the entertainment industry in Europe. We are known for our expertise and our commitment to delivering the best possible service. Our stage managers not only take care of your tour on the road, but will also assist with stage assembly and disassembly. With the best equipment at their disposal 24/7, they will always find a solution that is tailored to your wishes and needs. We offer complete logistics solutions for European tours, including temperature-controlled storage, assistance and supervision, container rental, luxury tour buses, customs formalities and international freight forwarding. We also take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. Our vehicles are equipped with the cleanest available engines.