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Platform Workshops Part 1  with Bandcamp & Spotify
Wed 13 Jan | Conference Channel 3 | 12:30 - 13:30
Wed 13 Jan | Conference Channel 3 | 12:30 - 13:30

Platform Workshops Part 1  with Bandcamp & Spotify

Aly Gillani Bandcamp, Laura Kiesow Spotify, Wilbert Mutsaers Spotify


English spoken

Bandcamp | Bandcamp’s mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it. Bandcamp's European Artist and Label Rep Aly Gillani will talk through the key tools and strategies to making the most out of the platform, with a particular focus on the recently launched Vinyl Pressing and Livestreaming services.

Spotify | Get in the game of Spotify for Artists. The tips & tricks you need to make the most out of your Spotify for Artist profile, your New Music Submission Pitch and all the Spotify Tools.



    Aly Gillani Bandcamp

    Aly Gillani is the European Label Rep for Bandcamp, a thriving, global music community where fans discover new artists, intimately connect with them, and directly compensate them for their work. Aly’s role involves expanding and managing the growing network of labels and artists using Bandcamp to connect with their fans.
  • Laura Kiesow

    Laura Kiesow Spotify

    Laura Kiesow is Artist & Label Partnership Manager bij Spotify Benelux, waar zij in die hoedanigheid optreedt als aanspreekpunt voor de Benelux muziekindstrie. Voor Spotify was zij jarenlang werkbaar als Marketing Manager bij indie label Caroline Benelux en als Project Manager bij major label Universal Music.
  • wilbert.jpeg

    Wilbert Mutsaers Spotify

    Wilbert Mutsaers is currently Head of Benelux, Content & Creator at Spotify. Previously he was CEO at Mojo Concerts - Live Nation. Formerly he was Station manager at the public radiostations NPO 3FM, Radio 6 and FunX of which he managed the music-, marketing- & online-strategy. Mutsaers has been Head of A&R, Creative and Marketing Director at Universal Music and Sony Music Benelux. Mutsaers is co-founder and first chairman of the Dutch Pop-Coalition and a member of the Dutch Creative Council, the creative board for the Dutch Government.