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Rabbit or Man in the Moon? Doing Business in China
Rabbit or Man in the Moon? Doing Business in China
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 10:00 - 11:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 10:00 - 11:00
Presented by: Dutch Music Export, RVO - C-Sharp

Rabbit or Man in the Moon? Doing Business in China

Michiel Roosjen About Asia, Merlijn Poolman GTC - Gateway to China, Paul Neuteboom The World Beyond Ltd., Monique Knapen China Connector


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b3ada7_732b600891df47519fe3de5ad1cfc32a_mv2.jpeg The music industry in China is hot. In the years before the covid pandemic the live market has grown rapidly. The market for streaming music and other digital distribution is also developing fast. It is now the second streaming market word wide. Reaching first place only seems a matter of time. But how do you achieve business success? What are the similarities with the West and what are the important differences? What are do’s, what are don’ts ? We will discuss these items and more with professionals who have been doing business in the Chinese music industry for over a decade. A digital matchmaking session will take place prior to the panel. In which we link music professionals from the Netherlands to music professionals from China.


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    Michiel Roosjen About Asia

    Michiel Roosjen (Dutch, China-based) is an active promoter of creative industries in China. Over the past 12 years, he has worked with the private and public sectors to promote collaboration between China and Europe in the fields of music and design. Michiel is China representative of Creative Holland and the founder of About Asia; a company that supports exchange projects between East and West and organiser of conferences and festivals.
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    Merlijn Poolman GTC - Gateway to China

    Merlijn Poolman started his career with organising metal shows, international tours and organising several festivals, but after founding a nightclub in 2011 he gradually got more involved into the sector of dance music. In 2018 Merlijn became the Nightmayor of the Dutch city of Groningen and in this role he forms a link between the government, the professionals making their living in the night and (most important) the party people themselves. As former European Music Council fellow-member, international global speaker and advisor to governments in regard to music, policy and culturel diplomacy Merlijn loves to balance between the formal policy making and the raw underground music culture that formed the base of his career. After his first visit to China in 2014 he went there 10 times in total with cultural exchanges in music business as main goal. In 2017 he organised the first China Pavilion Conference at Amsterdam Dance Event and in 2018 he started collaborating with the music database platform Bookya to set up a service called Gateway to China. This service offers managing Chinese social media accounts and content creation to Western artists on the Chinese internet. This is done in collaboration with a China based team Currently with GTC profiles of several DJ Mag Top 100 artists are being managed and with 2022 around the corner and the world gradually opening up more ambitions are high. New endeavours such as merchandise sales in China, claiming royalties from Chinese platforms for the artists and the development of Chinese tours are all in progress. Also the step of expanding from dance music to new genres as pop, rock, hiphop and beyond are currently in motion. In the 4 years of Gateway To China's existence the services started from scratch leading to the company currently being one of the main players in this field. GTC and it's partners on the other hand feel like they are just getting started and the future looks bright!
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    Paul Neuteboom The World Beyond Ltd.

    Dutch Paul Neuteboom has been active within the Chinese music entertainment scene for over 10 years and has organized hundreds of festivals and productions all over the country. As CEO of Brotherhood Music Paul led the team to the successful China introduction of UK’s largest electronic music festival Creamfields, and in 2019 he similarly introduced the Q-Dance brand. In addition, Paul led the development of the iconic MYTH Festival in Shanghai and CEA Festival Chengdu in 2020. Over the years Paul has worked with some of the greatest musicians throughout all genres from Armin van Buuren and Martin Garrix to Ellie Goulding and Major Lazer. Early 2021 Paul launched the Beijing company called The World Beyond Ltd., fully focused on bridging the China difficulties for International live-production brands and acts in both the music and the theater business.
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    Monique Knapen China Connector

    Monique Knapen lives and works as co-founder of the China Connector in Amsterdam. Monique studied History at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and completed a minor in Sinology in Leiden. She studied at Beijing University for a year and lived and worked in China for 6 years. Monique is an expert in the field of international cultural relations, especially in the art and culture sector between the Netherlands and China.
    She started her carrier in China as a radio producer and has worked for both commercial companies and nonprofit organizations for 6 years in China. After returning to The Netherlands in 1997, she became director of a non-for-profit cultural organization in Amsterdam (John Adams Institute). Since 2008 she has worked as program director at the Dutch governmental organization Dutch Culture. She was heading the China Desk.
    Since 2017 she co-founded the China Connector, a strategy, communication, and marketing agency with a strong focus on the arts and creative industry. Monique is the head of Creative NL’s China department. China is one of the three countries of priority for Creative NL.


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    Martin van de Velde C Sharp

    Martin van de Velde is a music journalist and creative entrepreneur. Amongst others he wrote for music magazine OOR and daily newspaper De Telegraaf. As a journalist he specialized in electronic music. As a moderator Martin has chaired panels at Amsterdam Dance Event, during press meetings at the Dutch embassy in Beijing and at various festivals in Europe, Asia and America.