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Stay Sound & Check Yourself
Thu 14 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 14:00 - 15:00
Thu 14 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 14:00 - 15:00
Presented by: GO Group & YOUROPE

Stay Sound & Check Yourself

Chris Kemp Momconsultancy, Fruzsina Szép Goodlive, Katja Ehrenberg Fresenius University, Lina Urginovska Password Productions


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go group logo.png Stay SOUND & CHECK yourself
Mental health and stress behind the scenes of the live music industry - in normal and even more challenging times
This session at ESNS is the official release event of a book going by the same name. The authors' intention was to report on an industry that never sleeps and paint a picture of how those responsible for making the magic happen and fill millions of people‘s hearts with joy deal with the sector-specific challenges of mental health and stress. And then half way through the project all of a sudden the world was a different place – not only but especially for the live music, festival and cultural sector. In the book and in this session Prof. Dr. Katja Ehrenberg and YOUROPE's anchorman Holger Jan Schmidt give a lot of information and tell personal stories with the help of various colleagues from all over Europe. They will talk about the challenges pre-Corona, which lost none of their relevance for the time we get back to some kind of normal. And we will focus the new kinds of stress and pressure that arise from the current situation and form a major threat to the whole industry and to the mental health of those in it in particular: To be cast on the sidelines without being responsible for it yourself while finding yourself and your profession that you love and identify with exposed to a massive deficit in appreciation and at the same time to see how your own reserves and resources are dwindling without any concrete positive prospects. For many, this is associated with a feeling of being lost, one of existential fear and of wanting to work but not being allowed to. But there are also beams of light and hope as well as potential for positive change. Join us and find out about it.


  • Chris Kemp

    Chris Kemp Momconsultancy

    Professor Chris Kemp, CEO of Mind over Matter Consultancy is known throughout the world as an expert on crowded space and the development of risk analysis processes for venues globally. He has addressed the House of Commons Select Committee on Olympic Security for the London 2012 Olympic Games advised the Royal Society of Medicine on crush injuries and was employed by the HSE as their crowded space expert for the London Olympics. Chris has worked on major events including the Pope’s visit to Romania, the European Football Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He has provided crowded space consultancy for six major London Stations as well as supporting the British Olympic coaches for the Rio and Tokyo Games. Chris is well published and has written a series of books on the subject.
  • Press Photo (8).png

    Fruzsina Szép Goodlive

    Fruzsina Szép was born in Budapest (H) and grew up in Munich (D). She began her career as a band and tour manager at the age of 18.
    Fruzsina is the Managing & Festival Director of SUPERBLOOM the new festival within Goodlive, which will celebrate its debut in 2021 in Munich at the Olympic Parc and the Olympic Stadium.
    For the last five years she was the festival director for Lollapalooza Berlin.
    Prior to that, she was the program director of the Sziget Festival in Budapest for seven years.
    Fruzsina founded the Hungarian Music Export Office and is co-founder of Take A Stand, a movement that promotes respect, tolerance and diversity in the music industry. She also developed the EU project CEETEP (Central-Eastern European Talent Exchange Program) that became part of ETEP ( European Talent Exchange Program ) in 2016.
    Fruzsina is a board member of Yourope, the European Festival Association.
    Awards: European Festival Award for Excellence & Passion, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Honorary Associate Professor.

  • Katja Ehrenberg

    Katja Ehrenberg Fresenius University

    Katja is full professor at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany, where she enjoys teaching psychology and business psychology courses for B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. Her research interests include stress, self-care and work-life-balance as well as topics of applied social psychology such as communication and conflict in teams, diversity management, and measures fostering self-efficacy, creativity and flow experience. As fully trained systemic counsellor (SG-certified), she also offers workshops and coaching on these and similar issues for teams and organizations as well as for private clients.
    Katja has provided scientific publications and talks on her research for over 20 years now, and recently co-authored two books on psychic stress at the workplace. Loving alternative arts, music and culture, she has made contributions on the topic to YOUROPE GO Group conferences in 2016 and 2019, Nouvelle Prague 2019 and the latest EFC in Barcelona. She volunteers at a small concert venue in Bonn, where she lives with her two teenage da
  • Lina Urginovska

    Lina Urginovska Password Productions

    At the age of 26, Lina was selected as one of `The 10 New Bosses of 2016` – by ILMC London and IQ Magazine. She is an ambassador of Mental Health Care in the Music Industry since 2018. 2019 won the ARTIST LIAISON MANAGER, by the WILM platform. She is handling the International Booking in Password Production, same time focused on important issues in the industry as part of the `new generation`, active speaker on many International music conferences.


  • Holger Jan Schmidt 3 - please credit Volker Lannert.jpg

    Holger Jan Schimdt GO Group

    Holger Jan Schmidt is ambassador and project manager of the Take A Stand initiative and campaign for the (live) music sector, which was launched in 2017 to create an international movement encouraging social cohesion in our society as well as promoting awareness and tolerance. He is one of Europe's leading networkers in the music festival branch with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. He leads the pan-European think-tank GO Group (Green Operations Europe) and works as anchorman for green issues of Yourope (the European Festival Association). He is board member of the German Sounds for Nature Foundation e.V., that focuses on sustainability related and environmental issues at events. Holger was also part of Germany's biggest admission-free festival RhEINKULTUR in Bonn is booker and consultant for Das Fest in Karlsruhe, with a capacity of 80.000 visitors per day, and is also an active musician himself