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Take Control Over Your Event Power - How To Make Your Event Power More Sustainable and More Efficient.
Take Control Over Your Event Power - How To Make Your Event Power More Sustainable and More Efficient.
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 13:30 - 14:30
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 13:30 - 14:30
Presented by: EPIC - MyZAP

Take Control Over Your Event Power - How To Make Your Event Power More Sustainable and More Efficient.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst Skoon Energy B.V., Paul Schurink ZAP Concepts, Paul Traynor Gennybasher - Coldplay, Paul Wittenhorst The Powershop Netherlands

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ESNS EPIC_logo_black.png Power for your event is more important as ever before.In the Build Back Better flow, sustainability of your event power is increasingly important. And with the current energy prices going through the roof, it’s challenging to keep within your budget. So how to deal with the current power puzzle? How to improve your event power to make it more sustainable, more reliable a cost efficient? In this panel you’ll get the latest overview of trends and developments in regard to how to handle power at events, tours, (sport) venues and festivals.


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    Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst Skoon Energy B.V.

    Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, founder of Skoon Energy, is active in the world of energy storage. Motivated to contribute to the energy transition, Peter Paul started the company together with Daan Geldermans with the goal to make clean energy accessible. By offering all services needed for the deployment of clean mobile energy through an intelligent online platform, Skoon enables a wide range of users to transition to the use of sustainable energy sources. Skoon Energy focuses on facilitating access to mobile clean energy solutions for ships, film sets, construction sites, grid balancing and other applications with a temporary demand for energy.
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    Paul Schurink ZAP Concepts

    Paul Schurink is an expert in the field of temporary energy supply, sustainability and innovations. He holds an MBE in energy systems and has been involved with a variety of large-scale events, festivals and (world) tours including Coldplay, the Olympic Games, UEFA EURO 2012 and The Ocean Race. Paul takes a role as project leader and as expert in energy and sustainability; specialized in energy assessment, measurement and logging, as well as design of the optimal power supply for events (Smart Power Plan). Paul is owner of ZAP Concepts and an accredited professional of the Sustainable Event Alliance and co-founder of Green Events and MyZAP.
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    Paul Traynor Gennybasher - Coldplay

    I have worked in the event industry for over 30 years . Providing power services and consultancy on major events throughout the world. Including World tours for major artists and several Olympic Games. I worked up from generator op to head electrician and my current position is Stage manager / Head electrician for Coldplay.
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    Paul Wittenhorst The Powershop Netherlands

    Paul Wittenhorst is managing director of The Powershop Netherlands. The Powershop was established in 1990 in Belgium and supplies temporary power services for events, approximately 2500 events (Big and small) each year. Transport, maintenance, design and/ or construction of equipment are done ‘in house , so that we can be 100 % in accordance with the special needs of the events industry. Paul has 14 years experience with temporary power services for large-scale events (eurosong festival 2021), festivals (lowlands, Pinkpop, Mysteryland, Defqon etc.), sporting events like Formula 1 2021 Zandvoort.


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    Gerke de Groot Freelance Event Manager

    Gerke is a freelance event manager, with a background in branding and design. Previously he was festival director at DGTL and now assists MyZAP in developing the brand identity.