Tech Buzz: AI, VR, DeepLearning & Blockchain
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 12 (up) | 12:00 - 13:00
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 12 (up) | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: Mitra Intelligence

Tech Buzz: AI, VR, DeepLearning & Blockchain

Steffen Holly Fraunhofer (DE), Matthias Strobel Music Tech (DE), Wesley A'Harrah Music Ally (GB), Anne Jensen FPK Scorpio (DE)

Event production | Technology

English spoken

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Blockchain and other technologies are disrupting one industry after another and music events are not immune. We will discuss with event and tech experts: How can this technology cut cost and create the perfect festival for each and every guest? What opportunities will appear with such technology? How can the digital and the physical merge on events? How will ticket (re)selling change? How can technology reduce uncertainty? Will physical events even exist in a digital future? Will we be able to create "the perfect event" for everyone? Will people start attending festivals virtually?


  • Steffen Holly

    Steffen Holly Fraunhofer (DE)

    Steffen Holly became an electronic technican before he studied music in Dresden. After his professional music carreer in Berlin he moved to the Rhein-Main-Area. There he worked as an export manager in a record company and later as supervisor for music rights and advertisements with his own publishing and production company. Parallel to this he studied business administration. In 2000 Holly moved back to Berlin and became Director of Audio Products and Technology Licensing at MAGIX AG, being responsible for all audio software product developments and technologies. This included a partnership with Fraunhofer and he guided the buyout-process of Fraunhofer AudioID. Together with this new MAGIX subsidiary M2Any he led the development of several new recommendation ideas together with Fraunhofer and created the initial concept of www.mufin.com. From 2009 - 2012 Holly worked as CTO for the Berlin Startup AUPEO Personal Radio, responsible for technology, product and content which included further cooperation with Fraunhofer and DFKI as well as global music rights licensing. Since January 2013 he leads the product development and strategy of the Media Management & Delivery division at Fraunhofer IDMT.

  • Matthias Strobel

    Matthias Strobel Music Tech (DE)

    Matthias Strobel is a startup consultant and music-tech ecosystem builder. He co-founded the music-tech startup Nagual Sounds in 2011 which now holds a patent on the process of translating data streams into tonal musical structures in real-time. He left its operative business in summer 2015 to start the help-initiative Friedrichshain Hilft e.V. and worked as Managing Director of a refugee camp in Berlin which he established from scratch. Continuing his work with refugees Matthias then founded the Social Startup ZwischenWerk and started the project Creative Coding School to teach socially disadvantaged people skills in emerging technologies such as robotics and IoT. In addition to these activities he worked as a freelance consultant for start-ups in the creative industries and curated interdisciplinary art and music projects. His passion for music and the great possibilities of new technologies led him to join Music Tech Fest in summer 2016 for which he worked until December 2017. Matthias Strobel founded the world’s first Federal Association of Music Technology MusicTech Germany in July 2017 and just recently started the creative-tech innovation catalyst WickedWork(http://wickedwork.io/) with which he also runs Music Unchained an event series that focuses on the identification of value creation for music new technologies

  • Wesley A'Harrah

    Wesley A'Harrah Music Ally (GB)

    Wesley T. A’Harrah develops and delivers Music Ally’s b2b training on a global level, with clients including all of the major record labels, numerous publishers, independents such as Beggars Group and Domino, brands such as Red Bull and Spotify, and other media and entertainment organizations and agencies. Music Ally’s training is centered on highlighting the best digital tools and industry trends to help companies continually develop the sharpest strategies. Wesley contributes to Music Ally’s Sandbox Reports on digital marketing tools, trends and opportunities, and is the founder of multiple startups across publishing and influencer marketing spaces.

  • Anne Jensen

    Anne Jensen FPK Scorpio (DE)

    Anne Jensen is Director of International Brand Development at FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH. With offices in eight countries, Hamburg-based FKP Scorpio is Europe's leading festival organiser and one of the largest German organisers of tours and local concerts. As a marketeer working in brand development on large-scale festivals, Anne Jensen has an interest in new tech both as part of digital marketing and communication in the future, as well as what new potential for event development tech can bring.


  • David Bregler

    David Bregler Mitra-Intelligence (DE)

    David Bregler is co-founder of Mitra-Intelligence. He entered the event industry by establishing HMD Speakeasy GmbH, an event producer with ongoing events in over 10 countries. Realizing the need for better tech-solutions in the live-event industry, he established Mitra-Intelligence. Mitra-Intelligence collects and and analyzes high quality data and offers live event apps and ambassador programs.