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The Comeback of Festivals and Events: How to Manage Safely the Expectations of a High Intensity Experience?
The Comeback of Festivals and Events: How to Manage Safely the Expectations of a High Intensity Experience?
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 6 | 10:30 - 11:30
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 6 | 10:30 - 11:30
Presented by: Yourope

The Comeback of Festivals and Events: How to Manage Safely the Expectations of a High Intensity Experience?

Markus Wiersch Karlsruhe Marketing und Event, Morten Therkildsen Roskilde Festival / RF Experience, Andreas Mestka Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG, Gerard van Duykeren TSC Crowd Management

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Yourope-a_member_of_positiv-schwarz-1.png What are the safety and security challenges with audiences after 2 years without festivals and events? ». We can imagine the high expectations of attendees with potential no limit behaviors. Therefore, how to take care of our spectators? More generally, how to manage a “crazy crowd”? How to deal with people who don't listening anything? Festivals and events crowd managers were used to the risk of overflow (drink, drugs, fights, crowd movement, etc.). But with the restart of events after the COVID break, how to assess the level of this risk and how to manage that with staff, authorities, etc.? If things would really go wrong, what is our capacity to deal with massive drunk people or risk of fights or troubles? The communication with attendees before the events about high intensity experience to come back to festivals and events will be probably key. During the event, what kind of alcohol prevention project are developed? Is it good practices to share in risk reduction for young audiences (and others)?


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    Markus Wiersch Karlsruhe Marketing und Event

    Markus Wiersch (Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH) operates since 1991 in the event sector and has gained experience in various areas of the music industry. In 2000 he specialized in the planning and coordination of security structures and activities at major events. For the last 18 years he has been in the production line responsible for the planning and implementation of the Health and Safety concept of DAS FEST in Karlsruhe. Since 2014 he acts as deputy CEO at the Karlsruhe Event GmbH with the focus on project management and coordination of infrastructure and security for major events in the city of Karlsruhe. Markus Wiersch is a member of the European Festival Association Yourope and Yourope Event Safety (YES) Group. 2008 certified in theaters, stadia and Venue Safety (Bucks New University) 2013 certified Event Security & Safety Manager (IBIT / Bucks)
  • MT profil.jpg

    Morten Therkildsen Roskilde Festival / RF Experience

    Morten is the Head of Security, Health & Safety at Roskilde festival, Northern Europes largest festival. Roskilde Festival also provides crowd safety management out of house, and as such Morten works at consultant or operational for several large promotors like Live nation. As background Morten holds a Bachelor of Arts in Crowd Safety management, and is presently studying a masters in public safety and crowded places management.
  • Andy UM (2).jpg

    Andreas Mestka Gadget abc Entertainment Group AG

    Since 2005 Head of Security for OpenAir St.Gallen BA in Crowd Safety Management Member of steering group YES Group
  • foto Gerard.jpg

    Gerard van Duykeren TSC Crowd Management

    CEO of TSC Crowd Management in The Netherlands and Showsec, United Kingdom. Van Duykeren has worked in the events security sector for over 40 years. He is board member of the Association of Event Makers, the Dutch Event Security Association, the Security Examination Committee and strategic member of the Yourope Event Safety Group. Van Duykeren wrote, developed and co-implemented an education and licensing standard for the Dutch Event Security Industry. He is the initiator, creator and designer of the 1st Minor Education Program in Holland in the field of event safety: Event Crowd Management at Utrecht University. He lectures on Crowd Management and Event Security. In close cooperation with the Ministry of General Affairs, department of Risk Management & Disaster Policy he provides training and consultancy for both public and private parties at Curacao. Van Duykeren has written 6 books on various Crowd Management topics.


  • GRASP Festival 181121 - fotos af Kim Matthäi Leland-052.jpg

    Henrik Bondo Nielsen Roskilde Festival

    Head of Safety and Service, Roskilde Festival (DK)
    Henrik Bondo Nielsen has many years of experience in festival management. As division manager for safety and service at Roskilde Festival, he contributes with insight into logistics, infrastructure, and crowd safety management.
    Henrik Bondo Nielsen is one of the initiators of YES-Group - the international network for Health and Safety at music festivals.
  • Schermafbeelding 2021-01-11 om 16.55.45.png

    Pascal Viot Paleo Festival

    Pascal Viot is head of Department Safety, Security and Services at Paleo Festival, one of the major event in Switzerland. He is also coordinating the YES Group (Yourope Event Safety Group) alongside Henrik Bondo Nielsen (Roskilde Festival). Being a sociologist and researcher in the field of risk and urban safety analysis, he has developed emergency and crisis management plans for major concerts/events. He also provides education programmes in this field through iSSUE (the Swiss Institute for Urban and Event Safety), the Institute he created in 2016.