The Curation Panel: Where do you Get Your Juice From?
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Front 1 | 16:30 - 17:30
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Front 1 | 16:30 - 17:30
Presented by: IFF

The Curation Panel: Where do you Get Your Juice From?

Robert Meijerink ESNS (NL), Roisin OÇonnor The Independent (GB), Christof Huber (CH), Joe Wood One Little Indian (GB)

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When it comes to signing or booking artists, especially emerging acts and artists, who and what are the most reliable sources of information? Is it the festival business increasingly moving from booking-by-gut to an information-driven process? And if so, what constitutes reliable data? Or are choices still dominated by gut feeling and personal advice? Who are the key influencers and what sources are the most relevant for a label, a venue, a music journalist or the agent? How should we deal with cultural diversity, economic interests, ageing audiences, the impact of streaming services, and local tastes? Moderator Sammy Andrews (Deviate Digital) plus a panel representing different roles from various segments of the music industry will discuss the relevant platforms, sources of information and services that matter to them. During this panel the results of a survey (using of conference guests on what they think are the most relevant information platforms will also be discussed.


  • Robert Meijerink

    Robert Meijerink ESNS (NL)

    Robert lives and works in Nijmegen. Besides his job as being the booker of ESNS, he is promoter of Doornroosje in Nijmegen, one of the oldest venues in the Netherlands. Five years ago, Doornroosje moved to a new building with two rooms: small room (400 capacity) and the big room (flexible capacity of 550/750/1100). Robert also books at Merleyn (a 200 capacity venue) as well as shows at various locations in Nijmegen such as Theatre De Vereeniging (1400 cap seated, 1800 cap standing) and festivals like Valkhof Festival, Oranjepop, Kids 'n' Billies, Bevrijdingsfestival.

  • Roisin OÇonnor

    Roisin OÇonnor The Independent (GB)

    Roisin O'Connor is The Independent's music correspondent, covering all aspects of the industry from reviews, features and interviews to industry news, comment and festival coverage. In 2016 she created Music Box, a video series of stripped-down sessions, to provide an additional platform for emerging artists. She writes a weekly column about new music, called Now Hear This. In 2018, she contributed the foreword for the official reissue of Pamela Des Barres' iconic rock memoir, "I'm With the Band".

  • Christof Huber

    Christof Huber (CH)

    Christof Huber is festival director and booker of the OpenAir St.Gallen one of the most important music festivals in Switzerland. He also books the Summerdays Festival Arbon the Stars in Town Festival Schaffhausen and the boutique festival Unique Moments in Zurich. He is the owner of Incognito Productions AG an event agency and books and promotes several club festivals concerts and tours all over Switzerland. Since January 2016 he is the president of the board of directors of wepromote Entertainment Group Switzerland AG a holding structure with the following companies: OpenAir St.Gallen AG Summerdays AG Gadget GmbH wildpony AG and Incognito Productions AG. He is board member of Yourope the European Festival Association since its founding in 1998 and since 2003 he is general secretary of the association. He is a co-founder of the European initiative Take A Stand which was launched in 2017 encouraging social cohesion in our society by promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures genders races colours

  • Joe Wood

    Joe Wood One Little Indian (GB)

    Joe is currently the Head of International at One Little Indian Records, working across an eclectic roster, including artists such as Bjork, Asgeir, Poppy Ackroyd and Bad Breeding to name a few. The International role involves representing artists across an array of territories, strategising bespoke marketing and P.R. campaigns for specific countries where potential has been identified, as well as overseeing distribution, retail plans and marketing around live dates. During Joe’s 4 years at One Little Indian, he has worked across 50+ campaigns, including both frontline and catalogue releases. Successful campaigns throughout his tenure include Bjork’s Vulnicura & Utopia, Asgeir’s In The Silence & Afterglow and Poppy Ackroyd’s Sketches & Resolve, plus many more.


  • Sammy Andrews

    Sammy Andrews Deviate Digital (GB)

    Sammy Andrews has a long history at the forefront of the new music landscape and is considered as one of the music industry's leading digital advisors and futurologists. Andrews gained a 360 degree view of the music industry through her background as a concert promoter, artist manager and independent record label founder. She went on to head up digital departments at XIX and Cooking Vinyl Records before joining the board at

    entertainment Intelligence but she is now CEO of Deviate Digital, based at Tileyard. Deviate Digital provide an extensive array of services from high level digital strategies for blue chip companies, to artist and product

    campaigns, creative digital marketing, training, streaming strategies, media buying and data insights/analysis as well as an entire arm of the company dedicated purely to creative asset design and development. The diversity of Deviate’s client base reflects this with household name artists, brands, promoters, ticketing companies, startups, labels, managers, distributors, trade organisations and publishers amongst them.