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The Live Event Supply Chain - Now What Do We Do?!? Well, Don't Panic for a Start…
The Live Event Supply Chain - Now What Do We Do?!? Well, Don't Panic for a Start…
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 15:00 - 16:00
Fri 21 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 15:00 - 16:00
Presented by: EPIC, IPM, Pollstar, EPFE

The Live Event Supply Chain - Now What Do We Do?!? Well, Don't Panic for a Start…

Martina Pogacic Show Production Ltd., Willem Westermann VVEM, Okan Tombulka eps, Maarten Arkenbout Pieter Smit, Ollie Gardiner Vespasian Security

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ESNS22_picto_black_.png As we go into 2022, one of the major challenges we have in the production of our live events sector is the continuing crisis in the supply chain, made worse by the impact of Covid19 and, in Europe, Brexit. What to do to reduce the impact as shows and events return in full force? The problem is threefold, a decimated workforce, many of whom have left the industry having found better paid jobs with a more ‘sensible’ lifestyle, a shortage of equipment and materials, and increased costs of labor and equipment! A selection of the production industry’s most experienced professionals will assemble at Eurosonic’s European Production Innovation Conference (EPIC - 19/21st January), Pollstar’s Production Live! Conference (7th February) and the ILMC Production Meeting (IPM 1st March) and will address the problem head on. The debate, continuing over the three conferences, will draw together the thoughts and proposed solutions from these professionals, which will help show the way forward in resolving these challenges we all face.


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    Martina Pogacic Show Production Ltd.

    After finishing the University of Agronomy in Zagreb, Croatia, life took her under the wing of show business.
    As a production manager, she worked and actively develop on of to be the biggest promoting company in the coming years, in the region of former Yugoslavia.
    She led and coordinate all Live Nation shows in her region, from big stadium shows like U2, Bon Jovi, The Wall, Metallica, RHCP to arena shows like Beyonce, Rammstein, Cirque du Soleil, George Michael, Sade and so on.
    In 2017 she opened her own company Show Production Ltd. And as director and again production manager/stage manager and entertainment advisor, she works all around the globe, covering not only live concerts, but festivals such as Ultra Music Festival in 2015 and 2016, Tbilisi Open Air in Georgia 2019, Echowaves festival in Georgia 2018, various private shows on mega yachts in Croatia, Abu Dhabi, France, big conferences, advising in club design and entertainment programs for clubs in China.
    Her passion lies in meeting various countries, cultures, people and enjoying working within all those cultural differences.
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    Willem Westermann VVEM

    In these busy days Willem is fully involved in the Dutch event industry and the way we work towards solutions, representing the VVEM and the Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers in discussions with the government. In the VVEM Knowledge & Development Centre we help both event industry collegues and local and national government.
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    Okan Tombulka eps

    Founder of eps in 1996 which operates globaly for festival and touring infrastructure.
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    Maarten Arkenbout Pieter Smit

    I am representing the Pieter Smit group.Pieter Smit is the specialist in transporting, building and technically realizing theater, pop & rock, entertainment and sports events throughout Europe. We offer complete solutions for European tours including conditioned storage, assistance and supervision, container rental, luxury tour buses, customs formalities and international air and sea freight.
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    Ollie Gardiner Vespasian Security

    Drawing upon his 20 years experience within multiple sectors of the security industry in the UK, Oliver leads Vespasian Security in the delivery of large scale crowd management and security projects.
    As part of his role within the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) Oliver works with industry colleagues to encourage the adoption of best practice, to improve standards across the industry and to act as a voice for the companies and thousands of team members who work within those organisations.


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    Carl A.H Martin cahm.uk

    Since 1984, when he joined SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) in Glasgow, Martin has been heavily involved in the design, build and active operation of a number of arenas and stadia throughout the world. These include Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle in the UK., Oberhausen in Germany, La Grande Stade in Paris, Shah Alam in Malaysia, Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb and Split in Croatia, Torino in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Bordeaux in France and a project in Malta. Recently he was involved with the design and build of a new arena in Kuwait and both a proposed new conference centre and the 2018 Swimming World Championship’s venue in Hungary. As well as this Martin has been employed as the site coordinator for stadium concerts by Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, the late George Michael and others. He was recently employed in the same capacity at the Ultra Festival in Croatia. He continues to act as a consultant to the newly-formed consortium ‘bipass’, which offers access control, cashless services and considerably more and on other projects within the industry. For many years he has been involved with the move to promote a greener industry, although he is still to be totally convinced it is nothing more than common sense….