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The Metaverse and What it Means to Your Business
The Metaverse and What it Means to Your Business
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 16:00 - 17:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 16:00 - 17:00

The Metaverse and What it Means to Your Business

Ashley Crowder VNTANA, Heather Shaw Vita Motus, Cortney Harding Friends With Holograms, Natasha Greenhalgh Nxt Museum, Avinash Changa

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ESNS22_picto_black_.png In the last six months talk of the Metaverse. has been everywhere, with predictions that it will revolutionise the relationship between fans and artists by adding new layers of interaction and engagement. But what exactly is the Metaverse ena why are people getting so excited about its potential? In this in-depth session, globally acknowledged virtual reality experts will explain what it is, what it does, and what it could mean to you and the future of your business, whether you're a label, publisher, booker or event organiser.


  • Ashley Crowder

    Ashley Crowder VNTANA

    Ashley Crowder is the co-Founder/CEO of VNTANA, the world’s first 3D Collaboration Platform. The platform unifies and automates 3D workflows giving teams a centralized place to optimize, share, review, and distribute 3D models to ANY stakeholder or end-point. She has worked in the mixed-reality space for over 10 years helping Fortune 1000 brands including Adidas, Lexus, AT&T and more launch XR applications to increase sales and improve training. She has 14 patents on mixed reality technology. Ashley was featured as one of USC’s leading engineering CEOs of 2016 and has given talks on the future of mixed reality at prestigious venues including SXSW, Augmented World Expo, TEDx, World Economic Forum and more. She graduated from USC with a BS & MS in engineering. Prior to co-founding VNTANA she graduated from USC with a bachelors and masters in engineering and gained valuable engineering experience at Gulfstream, Northrop Grumman and BP. She leverages her engineering background to guide VNTANA’s overall direction and technology development to shape the future of e-commerce by making it easy to create a 3D version of every product in the world.
  • Heather Shaw_RBSatNight.jpg

    Heather Shaw Vita Motus

    Vita Motus is a woman-owned, boutique multidisciplinary design firm based in Los Angeles that specializes in design and full turnkey production for influential artists, festivals, and brands worldwide. Founded in 2006 by Heather Shaw, Vita Motus is known for pushing boundaries with unique, future-tech designs that increase audience engagement and brand participation through effective, transformational design. The team has a deep bench of expertise in automotive, industrial, architectural and environmental design as well as in festival, touring and event production. Vita Motus has brought the unimaginable to life for clients like Cirque Du Soleil, Shakira, Insomniac, Kendrick Lamar & TDE, Amon Tobin, Mariah Carey, A$AP Rocky, Adidas, Sony, and Tencent.
  • Cortney Harding.jpg

    Cortney Harding Friends With Holograms

    Cortney Harding is a global thought leader, published author, and speaker on emerging technology and the role of virtual and augmented reality. She is the founder and CEO of Friends With Holograms, a transformational VR/AR agency focused on creating innovative, powerful, and effective experiences for training. Clients include Walmart, Verizon, Accenture, PWC, Coca-Cola, and the Lowe's. She is also the winner of multiple awards, including “Best VR/AR” at Mobile World Congress, SXSW Innovation Award Finalist, and Top HR product by HR Executive.
  • Natasha__Photo by Chloé Leenheer.jpg

    Natasha Greenhalgh Nxt Museum

    Natasha Greenhalgh is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Amsterdam's Nxt Museum, the home for new media art in the Netherlands. Opening in August 2020, Natasha played a leading role in the conception, art direction, curation and launch of the new museum, from architectural design of the building to the co-curation of the inaugural exhibition. Having studied at Chelsea Art College, Natasha is trained in Spatial Design and this is what drives Natasha’s interest in how the Nxt Museum can most effectively use its dynamic space to communicate its obsession with the future, constantly looking for opportunity & innovation. Natasha is devoted to ensuring the Nxt Museum is a place for the many, not just a few, opening up conversations to those who might have previously felt excluded. In addition, Natasha is driving the development of Nxt Lab, an educational space for experimentation, research, development & failure, designed to empower and inspire the pioneers of tomorrow. Prior to co-founding Nxt Museum, Greenhalgh worked in the UK and the Netherlands for renowned creative agencies (Brinkworth Design &FutureBrand Uxus) and consulted some of the world’s leading fashion brands (Alexander McQueen, Burberry) on driving innovation across brand strategy, store design and visitor experience. https://www.instagram.com/_gnatasha/ www.instagram.com/nxtmuseum/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/natashagreenhalgh/
  • Avinash_Changa_Headshot.jpg

    Avinash Changa

    Avinash Changa is VR-maker, director, and international speaker on the topic of Immersive works. He is founder of WeMakeVR, with notable productions such as ‘Ashes to Ashes’, ‘Meeting Rembrandt’ and most recently “Angels Of Amsterdam”. “Angels” was part of the official 78th Venice Biennale selection, and the first Dutch VR work ever to be selected for the competition. The work was also selected for the Netherlands Film Festival. Avinash is also involved in “The MetaMovie presents: Alien Rescue”, a live social VR experience which was selected for its world premiere during Raindance 2021. Currently he is working on the next generation of immersive experiences, including new live social VR performances, hybrid theater/vr, educational works, and hyper-realistic volumetrics. Since founding award-winning studio WeMakeVR in 2013 he’s become a much- requested speaker and guest for international conferences, TV-programs and other media covering the Immersive industry. Highlights include a 6-minute feature on BBC News Live, MIT’s EmTech, The Next Web, CodeMotion, and the Guangzhou International Innovation Festival in China. He often speaks about the role of Immersive Technologies such as AR, VR and MR in the future of other industries, and he’s passionate about it’s untapped potential. His mission is to bring meaningful applications and content to the world that improve quality of life for everyone.


  • Garygarry (1).jpg

    Gary Smith

    Multi-lingual (French/Spanish/Dutch) journalist, translator, and copy writer. Daytime conference programmer/curator and panel moderator at the Amsterdam Dance Event, Paris Electronic Week , Eurosonic Noorderslag, and the Brazil Music Conference (BRMC). Regular writer for the Cannes Lions Daily News, Location International Magazine, Location California, MIDEM News, MIPTV & MIPCOM News, and Sportel News. Specialist subjects include TV, music, smart technology, tactical social networking, advertising, online media, sport and business strategy.