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The Money Monsters Experience for Beginners, Billions for Winners
The Money Monsters Experience for Beginners, Billions for Winners
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 5 | 13:00 - 14:00
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 5 | 13:00 - 14:00

The Money Monsters Experience for Beginners, Billions for Winners

Dick Molenaar All Arts Tax Advisors, Emmanuel Legrand Creative Industries News, Floor Beuming Amnesty International

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ESNS22_picto_black_.png The cash infusions by external investors are becoming a game changer for the music industry. Public Funds, Private Equity or Venture Capital supply more that just financial resources enabling growth phantasies or equity stories. From live music to recorded music, almost every business segment in the music industry currently is being affected by this movement. In fact investments in music ventures aren't something new, but nowadays sums reached news levels rather reaching billions instead of millions. From listings on stock markets towards acquisitions financed by investors, the overall financial volume significantly went up, imposingly indicating that the music business turned into a reasonable investment opportunity. Wait a minute, what does this mean and whom are now the ones which now have to please either stake holders or share holders?


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    Dick Molenaar All Arts Tax Advisors

    Dr. Dick Molenaar werkt als belastingadviseur bij All Arts Belastingadviseurs in Rotterdam, waar hij artiesten, gezelschappen, podia, festivals, sporters en media fiscaal adviseert. Tevens is hij als onderzoeker op hetzelfde terrein verbonden aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, waarmee hij probeert de (internationale) belastingregels verbeterd te krijgen. Ook publiceert hij geregeld in tijdschriften en op websites.
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    Emmanuel Legrand Creative Industries News

    Emmanuel Legrand is the founder and President of Legrand Network, a Paris-based media and consultancy company focusing on news, trends and intelligence for the creative sector. Legrand Network is the publisher of the Creative Industries News platform and its associated weekly newsletter, covering news related to the creative sector and the copyright-driven economies in the digital eco-system. During his career, Emmanuel worked for Music Week. Billboard, and Music & Media, among other publications.
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    Floor Beuming Amnesty International

    Since 2012 Floor Beuming works as a Senior Officer Human Rights Programmes with Amnesty International in the Netherlands. She coordinates a programme around freedom of expression, association and assembly in Saudi Arabia, with a particular focus on the repression of human rights defenders. Before Amnesty, Floor worked for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Yemen and Sudan, and for the UNDP in Sri Lanka.


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    Manfred Tari Pop100

    Manfred Tari has been working as a professional in the music industry since 1987, having organised his first festival in Dortmund, in 1984. From 1989 until 1998 he was responsible for the programming of German music convention Popkomm. Since 1999, Manfred has been working as a music business journalist mainly for trade publications such as Musikwoche, IQ Magazine, Music & Copyright and Vip News. Between 2004 and 2008, he formed part of the conference agenda team at Popkomm; and since 2009 he has been part of the agenda team at Hamburg-based Reeperbahn Festival Conference.