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The Next Festival: 4 Innovations to Lead The Change!
The Next Festival: 4 Innovations to Lead The Change!
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 14:30 - 15:30
Thu 20 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 14:30 - 15:30
Presented by: EPIC: INNOFEST

The Next Festival: 4 Innovations to Lead The Change!

Arjan Gundlach CareLyn Company, Linda Klunder Kumasi Drinks, Marije Boonstra & Aranka Dijkstra NHL Stenden hogeschool, Herman Kuis MUTE, Michel Vrijland BambooXL, Niek Huizenga Founded in Groningen

English spoken

INNOFEST_LOGO-ZWART.png Beautiful things can happen when creativity, and a mind set on making an impact are placed in our festival environments. Change does not happen overnight, therefore Innofest has validated new solutions that will lead the change to a more sustainable way of organizing your festivals. Come and join us to get updated on top notch innovations, ranging from energy to food. We will bring a selection of rising impact entrepreneurs in a talk show-setting, to learn all about their journey. Walk in!


  • Foto Arjan Gundlach-CareLyn.jpg

    Arjan Gundlach CareLyn Company

    CareLyn offers sunscreen dispensing solutions for the prevention of skincancer. Since 2019, Arjan is Chief Commercial Officer and co shareholder of CareLyn Company. Arjan has extensive (international) experience in marketing, sustainability and business development. He designs unique propositions and has an eye for forming partnerships to create more impact and scaling fast(er).
  • Linda Kl.jpg

    Linda Klunder Kumasi Drinks

  • Marije_Aranka_Tom van Huisstede_web_04.jpeg

    Marije Boonstra & Aranka Dijkstra NHL Stenden hogeschool

    Aranka Dijkstra and Marije Boonstra together wrote the Festival Experimentation Guide: a practical guide for sustainable innovators on designing festival experiments. Aranka has been experimenting at festivals since 2014. She has guided many students and entrepreneurs in designing and executing their project or experiment at different festivals, among others Welcome to the Village. Marije has experienced festivals from different perspectives: from musician, organiser, volunteer, visitor to researcher. Since 2016 she works as a researcher and teacher at NHL Stenden university and in that experience she has guided many design students in setting up their experiment. Together, Aranka and Marije have joined forces within the Open Innovation Professorship and the European Interreg North Sea Region project Inno-Quarter to create this practical guide!
  • herman foto landscape.jpg

    Herman Kuis MUTE

    From an early age my passion lies in making music and creating innovative technical products. My goal is creating innovative products to enhace health and to explore new possibility with music. DX Music provides the ideal combination to be involved technically and artistically.
  • michel manden bamboe.jpg

    Michel Vrijland BambooXL

    After completing my International business education in Haarlem in 1994, I started working in the bamboo industry in 1998. Successively worked at Bamboo Concepten BV and afterwards at Moso International BV. In 2014 I started the company Bixbi bamboo Now 23 years later I am still just as driven and enthusiastic about bamboo as in my initial days. Sustainability and preventing waste are main values to me. I live with Leonie. We have 3 young children and live in the Utrecht region. We are both active, like sports, like travelling in our spare time. We both love the outdoors and do tracks in nature and enjoy photography. Family and friends are important to us.
  • Niek_small_square.jpeg

    Niek Huizenga Founded in Groningen

    I am Niek Huizenga, an experienced, energetic and internationally focussed specialist in the field of entrepreneurship, finance and new business models.
    I work for innovative companies as entrepreneur, consultant or investor. Every day I work passionately with students, entrepreneurs and experts all over the world.


  • Innofest_TomvanHuisstede_24.jpeg

    Linda Vermaat Innofest

    People who question the establishment and take action inspire Linda. Her search for these people led to co-founding the Slow Food Youth Network, Professional Rebel and TwentieFour. Within her current position she leads the Innofest team, closes partnerships and spots (new) business opportunities.