The Next Festival: 2019’s Innovations That Will Improve Your Festival
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 13 (up) | 16:30 - 17:30
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 13 (up) | 16:30 - 17:30
Presented by: Innofest

The Next Festival: 2019’s Innovations That Will Improve Your Festival

Peter Scheer Semilla Sanitation Hubs (NL), Adriaan Verbeek A TOP (NL), Age van der Mei DUINN (NL), Dieter Castelein Greener (NL), Mateo Mayer Aquacolor Sensors (NL), Thiemo van der Weij LIMM Recycling (NL)

Festival | Event production | Sustainability

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Looking for smarter, more sustainable ways to organize your event or festival? Innofest presents all new solutions that have been tested and are now ready-to-market. Whether it is bio-based hardcups, circular toilets or artificial intelligence to predict energy consumption, these innovation have test record to proof that festivals could be organized greener and more efficient.

We will zoom in on three innovation themes relevant for events and festivals. 1) No more plastic soup: with the founder of the POP UP CUP and the designer of the Biocup hardcup, 2) Electrifying: with the founder of Greener explaining more about their mega-batteries and DUINN on how we can build algorithms to make energy grids more efficient and 3) Poop, pee and water technology: with spreakers from Semilla Sanitation Hubs and Aquacolour Sensors on how safe and circular water systems will change your festival.

In a talkshow-setting you will learn within one hour what’s new regarding festivals, innovations and sustainability. Walk in!



  • Peter Scheer

    Peter Scheer Semilla Sanitation Hubs (NL)

    Peter aspires to use his expertise, knowledge and experience to establish sustainable circular economies, with a special focus on developing areas. To reach his aspiration Peter founded SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs in 2017. SEMiLLA provides clean and safe sanitation facilities, and the sanitation wastewater streams are converted into drinkable & irrigation water, fertilizers, and compost on-site. A food production unit can be added to the container to grow seeds from the output. Their black water treatment system is being tested at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019.

  • Adriaan Verbeek

    Adriaan Verbeek A TOP (NL)

    Adriaan Verbeek is one of the founders of A TOP world’s greenest packaging: ready for the circular economy. A TOP develops sustainable packaging solutions for food, drinks and nonfood in close cooperation with customers. The POP-UP CUP™ received European Carton Packaging Award for being NO 1 in the category Convenience Food. The POP-UP CUP was tested on Noorderzon Festival and is now scaling up within the festival industry.

  • Age van der Mei

    Age van der Mei DUINN (NL)

    Age van der Mei is founder/chief scientist of think-tank DUINN. Age is a practical dreamer working towards a sustainable future with the mission to help reduce CO2 emissions by 1 megaton by 2023. He has a background in economics and finance (RUG), biochemistry (WUR) and scenario planning (Oxford). Together with Innofest he tested how artificial intelligence could be used to predict the energy infrastructure of festivals.

  • Dieter Castelein

    Dieter Castelein Greener (NL)

    Dieter Castelein is an aerospace engineer, driven by the ambition to make the world a better place. That is why he specialised in wind energy during his master. Together with his work experience as a financial consultant, he had the right tools at hand to co-found his company: Greener power solutions. Greener and Dieter have the ultimate goal to run the world on renewable energy. As of now, they are tackling the energy problem on temporary event locations, by delivering a high power industrial battery charged with renewable energy.

  • Mateo Mayer

    Mateo Mayer Aquacolor Sensors (NL)

    Mateo Mayer is an entrepreneur and technology expert always looking for new sustainable technological solutions in the fields of water purification and sensoring. Mateo studied Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, and after getting his PhD in polymer chemistry, he worked for 10 years as innovation manager in the chemical process industry. He is one of the founding fathers of Aquacolor Sensors and Water Waves. The companies focus on the development and production of real time sensors to monitor water quality and water purification reactors respectively. The latest prototype of the sensor is being tested at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019.

  • Thiemo van der Weij

    Thiemo van der Weij LIMM Recycling (NL)

    One time usage of raw materials is no longer credible, and for over 10 years we as a company have done this differently. LIMM Recycling is specialized in delivering, collecting and the 100% recycling of plastic cups, and we now want to use this knowledge to take it to the next level through the use, re-use and recycling of BIO cups at festivals, made from organic and waste flows. After multiple uses these cups will be recycled into new products. The cups have been tested in cooperation with Innofest and LIMM is now working towards making festivals more sustainable.


  • Anna van Nunen

    Anna van Nunen Innofest (NL)

    As founder of Innofest, Anna van Nunen is entirely into bringing together innovation, sustainability and the world of festivals. Innofest uses festivals as living labs for innovation testing, providing entrepreneurs with a safe and contained environment to test their prototypes. Van Nunen is part of the ‘Young Sustainable 100’ and FD’s ‘entrepreneurial talent’.

  • Wilbert van de Kamp

    Wilbert van de Kamp DJ100, Innofest (NL)

    Wilbert van de Kamp (Innofest) is start-up scout at Innofest. He searches for start-ups and helps them in designing a product test at a variety of festivals. Alongside Innofest, he works on a number of sustainable projects like Omapost and Appelkruimel & Fris and is part of the DJ100 (Young Sustainable 100).