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The Older Person's Guide to Getting into Production
The Older Person's Guide to Getting into Production
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 13:00 - 14:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 1 | 13:00 - 14:00
Presented by: EPIC

The Older Person's Guide to Getting into Production

Lina Urginovska BANANA&SALT LTD, Okan Tombulka eps, Antoinette Wijffels Improve - Boardmember VPT, Martina Cunningham 3Arena

English spoken

ESNS EPIC_logo_black.png In production, in particular, where are the new people coming from, where can they learn apart from formal education, which most of the time leaves them with the impression they should become the CEO immediately? How do the dinosaurs and the potential new bosses learn from each other? The more mature amongst us know what we’ve learnt so far but those arriving in the industry understand the new technologies and methods. We both need to learn to communicate the knowledge to each other.


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    Lina Urginovska BANANA&SALT LTD

    Lina is one of the few active bookers on the territory of the Balkans, the only young agent from the region that has already been frequently listed among the new generation of highly influential people in the industry, mental health ambassador and a frequent speaker at many international music conferences. Launching her own agency BANANA & SALT in 2021 - a unique company format offering experienced guidance in promoting the careers of music artists from diverse aspects, places her knowledge and profound experience at the top level of the music industry.
  • Okan_Tombulca_normal.jpg

    Okan Tombulka eps

    Founder of eps in 1996 which operates globaly for festival and touring infrastructure.
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    Antoinette Wijffels Improve - Boardmember VPT

    Antoinette Wijffels is algemeen econoom en studeerde af aan de Rotterdamse Erasmus Universiteit. Ze werkte vele jaren als consultant integraal waterbeheer, specialisatie economie, milieu, scheepvaart en offshore mijnbouw. Midden jaren negentig zet zij haar consultancy werk op een lager pitje om haar passie voor licht, beeld, creativiteit en nieuwe economie te volgen. Zij is samen met haar zakenpartner Rob van Koppen, eigenaar-directeur van licht- en beeldbedrijf Improve. Als voorzitter van de NEN Normcommissie Evenementen maakt zij zich al vele jaren hard voor goede professionele afspraken en richtlijnen binnen de branche. Zij is tevens initiatiefnemer en directeur-eigenaar van de creatieve broedplaats en evenementenlocatie Lijm & Cultuur in Delft.
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    Martina Cunningham 3Arena

    I have never been afraid of hard work, and to get stuck into all thing's events! Thriving in fast paced environments with the ability to communicate clearly and listen constructively. It is important to learn but equally as important to enjoy your work 🙂


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    Carl A.H Martin cahm.uk

    Since 1984, when he joined SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) in Glasgow, Martin has been heavily involved in the design, build and active operation of a number of arenas and stadia throughout the world. These include Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle in the UK., Oberhausen in Germany, La Grande Stade in Paris, Shah Alam in Malaysia, Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb and Split in Croatia, Torino in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Bordeaux in France and a project in Malta. Recently he was involved with the design and build of a new arena in Kuwait and both a proposed new conference centre and the 2018 Swimming World Championship’s venue in Hungary. As well as this Martin has been employed as the site coordinator for stadium concerts by Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, the late George Michael and others. He was recently employed in the same capacity at the Ultra Festival in Croatia. He continues to act as a consultant to the newly-formed consortium ‘bipass’, which offers access control, cashless services and considerably more and on other projects within the industry. For many years he has been involved with the move to promote a greener industry, although he is still to be totally convinced it is nothing more than common sense….