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The one Billion Dollar Deal

The one Billion Dollar Deal

André de Raaff CTM Entertainment


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Recently musicians like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul Simon and Stevie Nicks sold their publishing rights for…, well for lots of money. Leaving us mortal souls wondering where they are going to spend all that money on? Recently investors take more and more interest in the area of acquiring music rights. Maybe we can blame it on the Dutch music entrepreneur André de Raaff, who actually did set the trend by setting up the publishing company Imagem Music with money from the Dutch pension fund ABP in 2008. In 2020 De Raaff succeeded in realizing a strategic alliance with Dallas based investment firm Outlander Fund, leaving him with $1 billion to invest in the acquisition of music rights over the next five years. But the market is competitive. And increasingly sees new entrepreneurs ready to invest in something that surely is going to be profitable for the next years. The world of music rights sparkles and beckons. But what are the consequences of non-music investment companies start buying music rights? Journalist and music industry watcher Werner Schlosser asks the one billion dollar man André de Raaff in a keynote interview.


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    André de Raaff CTM Entertainment

    A veteran in the international music business with an outstanding track record. At the age of 25, André took the role of managing director at Warner Publishing Netherlands, followed by a ten-year-period as President of Arcade, Europe’s largest independent record and publishing company. André founded CTM in 2000 to become one of the most successful independent entertainment music companies. CTM is one of the first power houses that started to buy music rights in 2008 already. First with the Dutch pension fund ABP, but later also with Shamrock Capital. Due to CTM’s experience and knowledge a new strategic partnership with Dallas based Outlander was concluded in 2021, with the aim to invest one billion dollars during the next 5 years in both publishing and master rights, making CTM Publishing one of the most cutting edge and highly profiled independent publishers around the globe. As of 2018 André is board member of IMPEL in the UK, an international organization of independent music publishers that collectively license their rights to digital service providers.


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    Werner Schlosser Werner Bros

    Werner Schlosser is a music and media industry watcher and journalist. After studying Communication Sciences, he started as assistant repertoire manager at cd club Music Plus. Next, he became buyer/marketeer for the Music Shop chain of entertainment stores and was editor in chief of trade magazine Entertainment Business. Has been in the radio business since 1987, producing and presenting shows. Was music director of several stations. Also, he developed the European Border Breakers Chart, Music Moves Europe Talent Chart and ESNS Chart. Nowadays, he runs his own communication company Werner Bros., providing all sorts of copy and advise to the media and entertainment sector. For more: https://www.wernerbros.biz.