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The Sound We Need
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 13 (up) | 12:00 - 13:00
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 13 (up) | 12:00 - 13:00
Presented by: EPIC

The Sound We Need

Peter van der Geer Event Acoustics (NL), Peter de Groot Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied (NL), Jim Griffiths Vanguardia Consulting (GB)

Event production

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To be able to work effectively on outside event sites, we have to know which is the best available sound system, and the best way of installing it. In 2018 extensive tests were carried out and Peter van der Geer reports, followed by a discussion featuring leading experts .


  • Peter van der Geer

    Peter van der Geer Event Acoustics (NL)

    Peter van der Geer is al ruim 30 jaar actief in de akoestiek en geluidsisolatie. Hij is adviseur van evenementen als ESNS, Parade, Lowlands, Best Kept Secret, North Sea Jazz, Down the Rabbit Hole, Soenda, Milk Shake, Paaspop en WEA en podia als Paradiso, TivoliVredenburg, Melkweg, Paard en Amsterdam Arena. Ook is hij ontwerper van de variabele akoestiek van de Oosterpoort (te zien in de Grote Zaal) en bedenker van het bekende "schaap": de Texlnt mobile baffles.

    Sinds 2006 is Van der Geer directeur van Event Acoustics, een adviesbureau dat gespecialiseerd is in het creëren van een topgeluid op iedere locatie voor iedere artiest, met zo weinig mogelijk overlast voor de omgeving. Om dit te bereiken ontwikkelde het team van Event Acoustics de afgelopen jaren een groot aantal innovaties zoals het MeTrao event monitoring systeem. Dit meetsysteem zorgt ervoor dat je ieder evenement het maximale volume haalt binnen de geldende geluidsnormen in de omgeving. Steden als Rotterdam, Amsterdam en Den Haag en internationaal toonaangevende evenementen als Lollapalooza, Pinkpop, Leeds-Reading, Hyde Park, Wembley en Lowlands kozen het als de standaard voor evenementen monitoring. Het bedrijf ontwikkelde ook speciale software om de geluidsoverdracht van evenementen naar de omgeving accuraat te voorspellen.

  • Peter de Groot

    Peter de Groot Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied (NL)

    Peter de Groot is advisor at Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied. He provides advice in the field of noise in relation to licensing, enforcement, spatial planning and policy, servicing eight municipalities and three provinces. He has been working for Amsterdam since 1991, starting out as supervisor and environmental licensing authority. Since 2005 Peter works as sound specialist with research and advice concerning both execution and policy. He has been involved in sound for everything from legendary clubs RoXY and iT, classic venues like Melkweg, Paradiso, as well as the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ and Vondelpark Openluchttheater to extraordinarily challenging large music events like soccer stadium Arena, Artis Zoo, iceskating range Edenbaan, Amsterdam Dance Event, Pride, Kingsday and the Olympic Stadium. Peter is part of the core Amsterdam team for new events policy. He is looking to find space for new initiatives, but always remains critical about disturbance for citizens.

  • Jim Griffiths

    Jim Griffiths Vanguardia Consulting (GB)

    Jim is the co-founder and director of Vanguardia, one of the largest independent sound and acoustic consultancies in the UK. Jim has over 35 years’ experience in all technical aspects related to sound, acoustics, noise and vibration and has specialised in environmental noise assessment, architectural acoustics and sound management and control for entertainment venues. He was on the original Noise Council Working Party that published the Pop Code and has also been advising a more recent working group. He has also led three UK Government contracts for DEFRA and HSE. As an expert witness, Jim has presented evidence at licensing hearings, high court appeals, public inquiries and Government Select Committees. Jim is a Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), Chairman of the London Branch of the IOA and was awarded the Institutes Tyndall medal for his work in sound management and acoustics. In December 2018, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award at The Stadia and Arena Summit in Wembley for his long standing contribution in acoustics to the entertainment industry. He has published over 40 technical papers on entertainment sound in the UK and overseas.


  • Heko Scheltema

    Heko Scheltema De Regelaar, VVEM (NL)

    Heko Scheltema works as an advisor at De Regelaar. In this capacity, he provides advice and support to organisers and (local) government, particularly in the related fields of safety and permits. Specific tasks involve writing integrated event safety plans, assisting organisers in their permit applications and acting as event safety officer during various events in the Netherlands. De Regelaar prides itself on being able to combine (legal)theory and the necessities realities of practice.

    Heko started working in the events industry seventeen years ago, while also studying for a law degree. On completing this, he decided that he would rather not leave the entertainment industry. His legal background makes him well-equipped for the more legal aspects of the job, such as the application of new legislation in practice and the (sometimes) complex rules relating to permits.