Ticketing and Event Management Simplified
Ticketing and Event Management Simplified
Thu 17 Jan | Best Western Centre, Trompzaal | 11:00 - 13:00
Thu 17 Jan | Best Western Centre, Trompzaal | 11:00 - 13:00
Presented by: Universe

Ticketing and Event Management Simplified

Jackson Green Universe (GB), Rob de Roo Ticketmaster (NL), Jildau Stoelwinder ESNS (NL)

English spoken


Universe was acquired by Ticketmaster in 2015. This provided the company with unprecedented growth allowing them to quickly become a stong global solution for event organisers across all markets.

Now that Universe has partnered with ESNS to provide tickets for this year's event we look into the challenges facing event managers when organising large international music festivals and conferences. This will include event setup, management, marketing and onsite requirements.

We will also be speaking with the ESNS Marketing Manager Jildau Stoelwinder who will discuss the challenges she has faced in her role, how to promote to an international audience and the steps taken to manage a successful music conference.


  • Jackson Green

    Jackson Green Universe (GB)

    Jackson Green is the European Growth Manager at Universe. Based in their London office, Jackson works with a large variety of events which includes a broad range of music festivals and conferences. His role has contributed to the growth of the Universe platform within the UK and throughout Europe.Universe is a fast-growing, self-managed ticket platform. Acquired by Ticketmaster in 2015, Universe has become one of the leading global event platforms working with over 35,000 events across 600 cities. Providing world-class marketing and an unrivalled technology has allowed Universe to work with some of the most exciting events, brands and organisations.

  • Rob de Roo

    Rob de Roo Ticketmaster (NL)

    At Ticketmaster Netherlands, Rob de Roo currently has product and support management for the Universe platform in his portfolio.

    Starting out in the Box Office in 1996, Rob has since fulfilled a variety of event and account management, support, marketing and tech roles in the event ticketing industry.

  • Jildau Stoelwinder

    Jildau Stoelwinder ESNS (NL)

    Since 2016 Jildau Stoelwinder has been working for ESNS as a marketeer, becoming head of marketing in 2018. Before that she interned at the organization and has spent some time as a marketeer at music venue De Oosterpoort in Groningen. She has a genuine passion for music and discovering new artists.