Ticketing Technology and Innovation
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 7 | 15:00 - 16:00
Thu 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 7 | 15:00 - 16:00
Presented by: ESNS Tech

Ticketing Technology and Innovation

James Barnett Open Stage (GB), Nikolas Schriefer Stagelink (DE), Tom Roetgering GUTS Tickets (NL), Phillipp Jungk DGBRT (DE)

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In this hot-button debate, some of the most exciting companies operating in the live ticketing space, including GUTS, Openstage and Stagelink, will be showing us how to sell more tickets to more fans. They will also be giving us their views on what the real issues are behind less than stellar sales for top artists, as well as examining the multiple factors that lie behind every transaction. Is it all about pricing or is it more about a lack of targeted marketing? How might innovative technology be able to help? Are the venues to blame? Is it promoters and agents being greedy? Or, in an era where live revenue is easily the most important source of income to most artists, is it the acts themselves who are expecting too much per show?


  • James Barnett

    James Barnett Open Stage (GB)

    James Barnett is CMO at Openstage, a data insight company that helps artists to build a database of fans who want to see them play live. The Openstage insight report calculates the value of each artist’s live business, which empowers the artist’s team to implement a marketing plan and appropriate strategy to build a D2C live business. James is also co-founder of Mi7 Music, a music incubator based in London as well as the main booker for Greenpeace at Glastonbury Festival.

  • Nikolas Schriefer

    Nikolas Schriefer Stagelink (DE)

    Nikolas is the founder and CEO of Stagelink.com - providing event organizers and promoters with unique fan insights and effective digital marketing to forecast sales and maximize profit. Before starting his own company, Nikolas studied jazz composition, piano and business administration with a focus on finance and statistics in Cologne and New York and toured the world as pianist, manager and producer of several groups.

  • Tom Roetgering

    Tom Roetgering GUTS Tickets (NL)

    Tom Roetgering wants to live in a world free of scalping and ticket fraud. Besides being the co-founder of GUTS Tickets, he is also the commercial force behind it. After earning his master’s degree in Business Administration, Tom worked a couple of years in banking, and founded several start-ups before striking gold with GUTS.

    GUTS Tickets developed a system that prevents scalping, fraud and unwanted reselling of tickets on the secondary market. It does so by using blockchain technology. The artists, venues and promotors working with GUTS have successfully distributed more than a hundred thousand tickets, none of which have been re-sold for profit.

    Find out more about GUTS Tickets at https://guts.tickets

  • Phillipp Jungk

    Phillipp Jungk DGBRT (DE)

    Philipp was born and raised in Straubenhardt Germany. As a youngster he participated in the AJCS - the Active Youth Center of the vicinity where he learned not only a lot about partying but also about organizing events. When Benjamin Stieler took over the small event named Happiness Festival that was attached to the club he worked as a journalist, founded a student newspaper, traveled the world and finished his Masters in Culture and Economy at the University of Mannheim.

    During all that time he worked as the PR- and Press-Manager of the Happiness and had the honour to see this project grow to the point it is today. After a short abstinence, that he took to work as a Project Manager for the Internationaler Bund in the section Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers he decided to dedicate himself to the event business full-time.

    Nowadays he is responsible for the Human Ressources and Press Departement of the Happiness Festival. Besides that he is the Sales Manager of the DIY-Ticketing-Service DGBRT, which he sees as an opportunity to help Europe's event organizers make more money for less costs.


  • Gary Smith

    Gary Smith (GB)

    Multi-lingual (French/Spanish/Dutch) journalist, translator, copy writer and daytime conference programmer/moderator at the Amsterdam Dance Event and at the Brazilian Music Conference (BRMC). Regular writer for Television Business International (TBI), Cannes Lions Daily News, Location International Magazine, MIDEM News, MIPTV & MIPCOM News, Sportel and the Monte Carlo TV Festival magazine. Specialist subjects include music, technology, social networking, advertising, online media, sport and business strategy.