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Weet Waar je Koopt 2.0
Weet Waar je Koopt 2.0
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 10:00 - 11:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 2 | 10:00 - 11:00

Weet Waar je Koopt 2.0

Berend Schans VNPF, Henk Schuit CTS Eventim Nederland BV, Hans Ober Ticketswap, Froukje , Natasja Veenboer Awakenings, Janis van Lokven Janissimo

Dutch spoken

ESNS22_picto_black_.png In 2022 staat de herlancering van Weet Waar Je Koopt op de agenda; de nationale campagne tégen woekerprijzen als gevolg van secondary ticketing en vóór bewustwording hiervan. Tijdens de paneldiscussie op ESNS wordt het startschot gegeven. Met een divers gezelschap worden zowel offline- als online ontwikkelingen doorgenomen, maken we inzichtelijk dát en hóe nog altijd veel evenementen, artiesten én kaartkopers last ondervinden van woekerhandel en wordt de wetgeving onder de loep genomen. Ook volgt er tekst en uitleg over een nieuw initiatief, waarmee stichting Weet Waar Je Koopt de gehele branche oproept om gezamenlijk op te treden, zodat de campagne voortaan structureel doorgang vindt en niet na een tijdje als een nachtkaars uitgaat


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    Berend Schans VNPF

    Berend Schans is director of the VNPF, the industry association for pop venues and festivals in the Netherlands. In addition, he is a board member of the Popcoalitie foundation, board member of the Dutcht Event Quality Foundation (SKEN), board member of Platform ACCT, board member of the Federation Culture.
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    Henk Schuit CTS Eventim Nederland BV

    Henk Schuit is chairman of the VVEM (Dutch association of event makers) since July 2021. Next to this he is also chairman of the DLEPA jury (Dutch Live Entertainment Production Awards) and treasurer at the Foundation Weet Waar Je Kopen! (foundation for collective education to the general public on secondary ticketing). Henk has more than twenty years of experience in the ticketing business and is familiar with all aspects of ticketing and is currently Managing Director of Eventim Netherlands.
    Before being appointed at CTS Eventim Netherlands, Henk was employed by the Dutch State Lottery where he, as Manager TicketBox, was responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of all ticketing activities. Before he got involved in ticketing Henk was active in the music business where he was marketing and communication manager at the record label Provogue.
    Henk studied business economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Michigan.
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    Hans Ober Ticketswap

    Hans is CEO & co-founder at TicketSwap, the safest and easiest app for fans to buy and sell tickets to their favourite concerts, festivals, sporting events, theatre shows and club nights. With 6 million users in 35 countries, TicketSwap protects fans from overpricing by ensuring tickets are exchanged at fan-friendly rates, while establishing partnerships with festivals, promoters, venues and ticketing companies to combat ticket fraud and offer fans a safe and secure experience.A curious person by nature, Hans was always fascinated by the power of the internet, and conceived TicketSwap with two business partners while studying a Masters in International Management at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This passion project rapidly evolved into a serious business proposition, and just a few years after completing his degree was listed in Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 list for 2018 and having won the LOEY Talent Award (2016).
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    Language is precious. Words are a means to put what’s in your head out there, and that is what 20 year-old Froukje is all about. The Rotterdam singer is young, but she definitely has something to say. Debut single ‘Groter Dan Ik’ (‘Bigger Than Me’), about the climate crisis, spread rapidly in the Netherlands. Froukje is signed by leading Dutch label Top Notch and seals her breakthrough with her EP 2021 EP ‘Licht en Donker’, with another single going viral on Tiktok.
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    Natasja Veenboer Awakenings

    Natasja Veenboer is the General Manager of Monumental Productions, the organizer of the famous techno parties Awakenings. She has experienced several ticketing systems in the past 20 years, from hardcopy tickets and very soon the beginning of e-ticketing in the Netherlands and abroad. The aim with sold out events is to keep a fair price for the real fans and also to avoid problems at the entrance of the festivals with false tickets and disappointed fans. Working at Monumental since 2002, the goal still is to always keep improving.
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    Janis van Lokven Janissimo

    Janis has been working in the music industry for over 20 years now, doing event management and marketing communication for some of the most prolific agencies and festivals in The Netherlands and Belgium. In January 2017, after work experience at Rock Werchter, The Music Factory (TV), Buma ROCKS! and especially at MOJO Concerts (over 14 years), she started her own company called ‘Janissimo’. From there she now works for Cirque du Soleil, Effenaar Eindhoven, Jera on Air Festival and as campaign marketeer for Weet Waar Je Koopt 2.0.
    If you need any more info or requests you can always have a look at www.janissimo.nl or contact her via mail@janissimo.nl.


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    Maartje Glas Buma Music in Motion

    Maartje Glas is general manager of Buma Music in Motion at Buma Cultuur, member of the Supervisoryboard of popvenue Victorie, chair of the Dutch 'Popprijs' jury ánd owner of a historic church which she converted into a house. She has 20 years experience in the music, radio and media industry as a project manager, presenter, product manager and as a managing director of an educational institute for radio presenters, radio producers and sound engineers.