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Yes Group Webinar: the “New Normal” for Event Health and Safety in 2022
Yes Group Webinar: the “New Normal” for Event Health and Safety in 2022
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 6 - Meetings & Specials | 16:00 - 19:00
Wed 19 Jan | Conference Channel 6 - Meetings & Specials | 16:00 - 19:00
Presented by: Yourope

Yes Group Webinar: the “New Normal” for Event Health and Safety in 2022

Morten Therkildsen Roskilde Festival / RF Experience, Thomas Morton University of Copenhagen, Daniel Brunsch University Köln

English spoken

Yourope-a_member_of_positiv-schwarz-1.png YES Group is the Event Safety Group of Yourope, the European festival association, has been at the forefront of event and crowded space safety in Europe since the year 2000, organizing Health & Safety Seminars for event organizers. The seminars cover topics like: crisis communication, emergency planning, psychological pressure in incident decision-making, implementing crisis management within the organization and aftermath after emergency. The YES seminars are managed by a steering committee from within the event and festival industry. These seminars are free to attend for Yourope members.

16.00 Introduction to the session by Pascal Viot (Paleo Festival - Switzerland) and Henrik Nielsen (Roskilde Festival Danemark)

16.15 What would be the psychology of our crowds in 2022 ? Dialogue with Daniel Brunsch (Univ. Köln - Germany) and Thomas Morton (Univ. Copenhagen – Danemark) , interviewed by Alexandra von Samson (Rock-am-Ring - Germany) and Morten Therkildsen (Roskilde Festival Danemark)

17.00 Group discussion around the following questions: How do we evaluate the Risk of behaviors from attendees after 2 years without festivals How to manage a exuberant crowd ? How to evaluate a change in risk within the crowd behavior? And how to manage it? What negative influence will the lack of festival experience from new audience, or the break in experiences from previous audience, have the crowd behavior (e.g. drink, drugs, fights, crowd movement, etc.). How to assess the risk and manage it? If the risk has changed how do we prepare our staff in change of competences or the view of the risk? How does the communication to the crowd change?

17:30 Feedback from the groups

17:45 Plenary conclusions by Sabine Funk (IBIT – Germany)

18:00 Final words and BEER DRINK TOGETHER (networking in small group groups)

19:00 CLOSE


  • MT profil.jpg

    Morten Therkildsen Roskilde Festival / RF Experience

    Morten is the Head of Security, Health & Safety at Roskilde festival, Northern Europes largest festival. Roskilde Festival also provides crowd safety management out of house, and as such Morten works at consultant or operational for several large promotors like Live nation. As background Morten holds a Bachelor of Arts in Crowd Safety management, and is presently studying a masters in public safety and crowded places management.
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    Thomas Morton University of Copenhagen

    Thomas Morton is Professor of Social Psychology at the Institute for Psychology, University of Copenhagen. His interests span theoretical and applied concerns, and current research projects are focused on questions of: (a) how social identities are a lens through which people experience the world and act in it; (b) how people navigate membership in groups that are marginalised or devalued, and express themselves and their identity to others against this backdrop, and; (c) how social group memberships, and social relationships, impact on individual health and well-being.
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    Daniel Brunsch University Köln


  • Foto_Alexandra_vonSamson.jpeg

    Alexandra von Samson Rock am Ring

    Alexandra has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and works in H&S and as a licensing consultant/officer since several years. Being part of the Yourope Event Safety (YES) Group Programming Board, her focus is on gaining and spreading knowledge in the field of event safety.