Moderator Malle Kaas, Women in Live Music
Speakers Petra Randewijk, Doornroosje / Anita Richelli, brighter agency / Angie Rance, Earth Agency / Rev. Moose, Marauder / NIVA

The show must go on - but how far should we go

Presented by: EPIC, Women In Live Music
FRI - Oosterpoort - Back 7 - 12:00-13:00
Festivals, Social, Event, Clubs & Venues
English spoken
We will be discussing health vs touring life. Like what to do when you are touring and struggling with chronic conditions like IBS, Diabetes, Allergies, migraine etc. Or you witness the artist or a crew member struggling with addiction? Not to speak about being pregnant and on the road! And how about bullying, stress, stigmatisme? Let's put it all out there in the open and talk about how we are really doing.
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