Lucas Holten
ESNS 2023
Warner Music Spain
Born and raised in the Netherlands and happily lived in Barcelona and Madrid for the largest part of my life. I started out as Press Officer at Warner Music and have held several positions within the company: Radio plugger, TV Promo, Label Manager, International Marketing Manager, International Exploitation Director and currently spearheading WM Spain’s Creative Content & Business Development initiative. I’ve been responsible for the careers (in Spain) of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Michael Bublé, Jason Derulo… and all the way back to Madonna, Green Day or Linkin Park in their prime. Too many artists to list them all, too much fun to tell it all. In 2022 we launched our new & innovative HQ in Madrid setting a new industry standard: The Music Station is a co-working space and a creative hub for our artists and songwriters with 24/7 free-of-charge access to recording studios, writing rooms and rehearsal space. And there’s a concert venue, a theatre and a nightclub too.